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Darvocet Warnings

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The federal government issued a Darvocet Warning in 2009, urging patients and doctors to take seriously the risk for overdose. A major cause of accidental Darvocet overdoses has been attributed to the ingestion of too much of the drug. In some cases, overdose can be intentional. Another overdose risk involves taking Darvocet, a central nervous system depressant, in combination with other substances that have this effect such as alcohol, other narcotics, sleeping pills, sedatives, antidepressants, hypnotics and tranquilizers. As with other opiates, Darvocet also has a potential to be misused and abused. This can mean taking it in any way that goes against prescribed recommendations. Darvocet is an opiate prescription drug used to treat moderate to severe pain. Abuse can include taking too much, taking it more often than prescribed or altering the medication in a way that causes rapid release of the medication. This can mean breaking, crushing or chewing the pill. This causes a dangerous amount of the drug to enter the bloodstream.

Respiratory Depression One of Chief Darvocet Warnings

Darvocet contains propoxyphene and acetaminophen, a non-narcotic pain reliever that can cause liver damage in high doses. Because of this, Darvocet should not be used with other medications containing acetaminophen. Respiratory depression is one of the top concerns for patients taking opioids. This can be more pronounced in elderly or handicap patients. If it’s determined that these patients need to take Darvocet or other opiates, it’s important that doctors start them on a low dose. This drug can also lead to tolerance, dependence, physical and psychological dependence, addiction and withdrawal. A physical addiction to Darvocet is evident once use is stopped abruptly and withdrawal symptoms develop. People who take opiates are encouraged to never try and detox on their own. This can be very dangerous, as some withdrawal symptoms, including seizures, can be life threatening. A proper medical detox that is supervised can safely and effectively rid patients of their addiction.

Withdrawal Management for Darvocet Addiction Allows for Comfortable Detox

Waismann Method offers one of the safest, most reliable and most comfortable Darvocet medical detox methods available. For almost 20 years now, we have been detoxing patients from around the world, showing them that an opiate-free life can be achieved quickly and without all the suffering required with traditional drug rehabs. We induce and speed the withdrawal symptoms, by pushing all the opiates from the receptor sites, with intravenous medications while the patient is sedated.   Patients are comfortably resting in their private room of our full service accredited hospital during this phase. The required inpatient stay for patients is usually between 5 to 7 days days, after which patients are transferred to our exclusive Domus Retreat recovery center, for a few extra days in order to receive continuum care through the adaptation period.
If you or someone you love needs professional assistance detoxing from Darvocet, gives a call today. We are available seven days a week to answer questions regarding the options we can offer. Our medical options for Darvocet treatment are safe, humane and effective.

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