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Central Pain Syndrome

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A central pain syndrome disorder is the result of nervous system malfunction. The neurological condition can develop in people who have Multiple Sclerosis, cancer or brain or spinal cord injuries. People who have had a stroke or a limb amputated may also develop central pain syndrome. Damage to the central nervous system – the brain, spinal cord or brain stem – can happen months or years before the pain syndrome sets in.

Central Pain Syndrome Symptoms

The most common type of pain experienced with this condition is a burning feeling. The constant feeling of burning or other painful sensations can make everyday life a challenge and result in depression and anxiety. The burning pain can be increased by even a light touch or by temperature changes, emotions or movement. The pain from this disorder can be quite sharp and people can lose their feeling of sensation in affected parts of the body.
A large area of the body may be affected by central pain syndrome or it may target a specific area that is smaller. Patients have also compared the pain to feelings of “pins and needles,” a deep aching or to pain caused by a laceration or serious cut. The prognosis for this disorder is not fatal but pain is mostly chronic in nature and causes suffering and disability for many sufferers.
Diagnosing the condition may not be easy. The symptoms may be similar to those of many other disorders, so narrowing it down may take some time. Depression may set in and this type of stress can aggravate the condition. This is why stress reduction is important for sufferers.

Available Treatments

There are plenty of holistic practices and therapies that may be beneficial including deep breathing, meditation, hypnotherapy, yoga and massage. Antidepressants and psychotherapy may be necessary to deal with the depression, stress and other psychological issues. Anticonvulsants may also be useful. As for the pain, there are many different kinds of medications that can be explored but complete relief may not be possible for some.

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