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Actiq Rehab

Table of Contents

Choosing the Best Inpatient Actiq Rehab Center

Seeking Actiq rehab for an addiction is important because, this prescription medication is highly potent and can cause life-threatening complications. Actiq is a lozenge-like narcotic painkiller that contains fentanyl. Regular use can quickly lead to the development of tolerance, meaning the body becomes used to the drug and its effects become diminished. People need to take higher and higher doses to achieve desired effects.
Actiq rehab refers to the medical and psycho-therapeutic treatments used to rid patients of their addictions to the drug. An addiction can cause many devastating consequences that affect relationships, health and legal standing. Rehabilitation can help patients avoid further issues and to detox in a safe, supportive environment. Detox is the essential first step in any responsible Actiq treatment program. A person suffering a physical addiction will experience withdrawal symptoms, some quite painful, once use is stopped suddenly. An effective rehab program will address withdrawal by managing it to ensure safety and comfort.

Waismann Method Doesn’t Label You an Addict for Life

Many drug rehab programs offer a narrow approach to opiate dependency. Many are shame-based, meaning they label you an addict for life. By keeping you in the mindset that you’re powerless over addiction, these programs ensure lifetime membership.
The Waismann Method offers a humane approach to Actiq addiction that treats the individual quickly. We don’t use shame, blame or guilt in our recovery program. We believe you’ve suffered enough already and we aim to encourage, inspire and uplift you.
Our medical approach to opiate detoxification is safe, effective and thorough. The Waismann Method recognizes opiate addiction as a central nervous system disorder, caused by continuous opiate intake. The Waismann Method utilizes the most advanced medical biotechnology available today to end drug dependency. Our scientific approach is applicable for anyone and we use therapy as part of the recovery process.

Non Medical Actiq Rehab ( Fentanyl Rehab) Might Not be the Best Option

We reverse Actiq ( Fentanyl)  dependence quickly without unnecessary suffering and pain. We know most patients don’t have weeks or months to spend in rehab so we’ve spent almost two decades perfecting a medical procedure that gets you back on your feet in days.
Our holistic approach focuses on the mind-body connection, nutrition, exercise, recreation, communication, relaxation and balance for the return to school, work and social life. Our programs are individualized, based on medical experience and thousands of successfully treated patients.
Another point of difference between the Waismann Method and a number of  Actiq rehab facilities, is that we don’t use opiate replacement drugs such as methadone or Suboxone to wean patients. We know this can lead to a second addiction.
Some other programs also use psychotropic drugs to make patients feel better. Our medical procedure answers the depletion of natural endorphins in nerve cells due to an external supply of opiates. Our in-hospital procedure uses intravenous medications to cleanse the opiates from patients’ receptors while their withdrawal symptoms are medically controlled by our multi-board certified medical director.
Many people who have developed an addiction to Actiq, have delay treatment because of a fear of shame and withdrawal. We provide  non-judgemental medical care  based on safety, comfort and success of the patient. I Call us today at 310-205-0808 and speak to an detox expert about you history and available options. We are here for you seven days a week!

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