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United States Effort to Curtail the Opioid Crisis

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Chicago Evening Post Logo - featuring waismnn method thoughts on efforts to curtail opioid crisis

Excerpt of Chicago Evening Post article on Waismann Method’s take on the US efforts to curtail opioid crisis.
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. April 11, 2018 – The Opioid Crisis has been brewing beneath the surface for decades, but it’s only been in recent years that people have begun to realize the magnitude of its impact on society. With President Trump’s initiative to put a halt to opioid abuse, it seems that all parties are beginning to align their efforts to curtail opioid abuse and addiction in society.
[…] Now that the Executive Branch has declared this an epidemic that is sweeping across the nation, both pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations are beginning to change their position on prescription medication abuse and opioid addiction. They are starting to study the brain changes taking place in patients that are prescribed opioids. They are acknowledging that this is a medical condition that impacts the behavior of the individual in profound ways, and that multi-faceted treatment programs are necessary to overcome it.
[…] The Opioid Crisis is far from over, as an increasing number of people are becoming addicted to these powerful, debilitating drugs year after year. However, now that this crisis is a top priority of President Trump, it appears that more groups and organizations are going to start working together to overcome this societal tragedy once and for all.
If you or someone you know is showing the signs or symptoms of opioid abuse and addiction, then now is the right time to seek treatment. For more information on opioid addiction treatment options, contact us today.
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