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Celebs and Hillbilly Heroin: The Truth

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Pain killer or alternative heroin for needy stars looking to get high — Get the 411 about celebs who die without a fix.
The much maligned prescription pain killer is on the rise in Hollywood and around the world. When used correctly, it can be effective pain management but on the street Oxy aka OC aka O or Hillbilly Heroin is a recipe for addiction and death.
Law enforcement official said Michael Jackson was “heavily addicted” to Oxycontin before he died.
Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein who survived a devastating plane crash had several pills in his system when he died two years ago according to coroners findings.
Courtney Love suffered an Oxy OD in 2003 the same year The ENQUIRER first revealed radio personality Rush Limbaugh’s secret addiction. He sought treatment for his addiction after he publicly confirmed the ENQUIRER’s report.
The painkiller was also one of the meds Heath Ledger mixed along with booze, Ambien and Xanax – a super-drug cocktail that killed him.
Los Angeles-based addiction specialist, Dr. Adi Jaffe [2] told FoxNews, “Oxycontin is a very strong opiate. It’s essentially the same as heroin, and since many of the people who abuse it chop it up and snort it, or even shoot it up, there is no difference between being addicted to Oxycontin and being addicted to heroin.”
Oxycontin users typically report delusional feelings of invincibility and increased energy in the beginning. But after time, the body builds up tolerance requiring larger and larger doses – leading to addiction.
Oxy is especially prevalent among entertainment industry elite because of its hefty price addiction specialist Clare Kavin divulged.
“Oxycontin can be very expensive, at usually 20 to 40 dollars for a single pill. We have seen celebrities that have spent thousands of dollars a week in order to have these pills delivered directly to them.”
Source: National Enquirer

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