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Domus Retreat Announces Specialized Opiate Dependency Treatment Services

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After a Decade Specializing in Opiate Dependency, The Waismann Method has Partnered with Domus Retreat to Offer Comprehensive Therapeutic Care for Opiate Dependency.
ANAHEIM, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Domus Retreat, a luxurious relaxation haven that has become Orange County’s best-kept secret for transitional care, today announced it now offers exclusive, full-service opiate dependency treatment that combines top-notch medicine with premier therapeutic aftercare. The customizable treatments are designed exclusively for patients battling physical dependency to prescription painkillers including Vicodin, OxyContin, Lortab, Percocet, Suboxone, methadone and many others.
Domus Retreat’s unique approach to dependency differs from many typical methods of treatment that work by making the patient feel ashamed and by inflicting suffering in order to achieve sobriety. Instead, the trained staff at Domus builds up and encourages guests, and identifies and treats underlying issues, such as undiagnosed depression or pain management, to empower them.
“So many methods of treatment involve breaking down a patient’s self-esteem; these methods are archaic, cruel and have a very low success rate. We created a treatment center that uses respect rather than judgment, with each program tailored to the individual’s needs,” said Domus founder Clare Waismann. “Our treatment helps people with opiate physical dependency to regain confidence and spirit rather than relinquish it. The program is a perfect choice for guests who were prescribed medication for pain and after time could not stop taking it without feeling withdrawal symptoms, or for someone using opiates to numb an existing issue. These are not stereotypical ‘drug addicts,’ but people battling a disease, and Domus is a great choice to help them improve their mental and physical states.”
Research continues to show increases in prescription painkiller dependency and overdose. Pain patients are at a significant risk for chemical dependency from prolonged use of opiate painkillers to treat pain, according to Waismann.
The Domus team is comprised entirely of professionals providing first-class attention 24 hours a day. Psychotherapist David Livingston, M.A., M.F.T. leads psychological treatment at Domus. Livingston’s experience with diverse client populations will allow Domus guests to take advantage of specialized psychological evaluation and treatment during their stay.
Individuals seeking treatment at Domus will experience expert care from its highly-trained multidisciplinary team, as well as round-the-clock pampering and relaxation complete with service options including individual massages, yoga classes, anger management, acupuncture and much more. The private, gated property features private suites and expanded outdoor grounds with lush landscaping and a serenity pool – an ideal spot for regaining both physical and emotional strength while recovering from an opiate dependency.
“For years drug treatment has relied on convincing people with dependencies that they have addictive personalities, and that drugs and alcohol are stronger than their will powers and desires to lead healthy lives,” said Waismann. “Subsequently, self-esteem is destroyed and these people become powerless over their actions. They are told that ‘once an addict always an addict,’ which is what keeps a large number of patients from looking for treatment or going back to treatment after relapse. We want people to know that medicine has come a long way. It is understood that long periods of opiate intake lead to a chemical imbalance in the brain; however, it can be medically reversed in a humane and safe manner.”
Source: Business Wire

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