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CDC Takes on Prescription Drug Overdose with New Social Media Campaign #RxProblem

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Waismann Method® Drug Treatment Center Medical Director comments on the CDC’s new social media initiative. “When the Prescription Becomes the Problem” #RxProblem is aimed at spreading awareness about opiate prescription drug abuse, overdose and death.

Waismann Method ® Drug Treatment Center Medical Director congratulates the CDC on new social media initiative to combat prescription drug overdose. Michael H. Lowenstein, M.D., a world-renowned expert on opiate dependence and rapid detoxification, believes that the initiative represents a positive force in combating opiate-related overdose, death, and disability.
The Waismann Method ® Medical Group lauds the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for its new social media initiative to raise awareness of prescription drug abuse in the United States. As international leaders in opiate addiction, detox, and treatment for nearly two decades, Waismann Method ® experts are optimistic that the social media campaign will successfully reduce stigma associated with opiate addiction, encourage affected individuals to seek treatment and reduce the epidemic levels of prescription drug abuse, overdose and deaths among across society, including but not limited to: youth, college students and elderly.

“We need to engage individuals, their families, and the entire community to combat opiate dependence and encourage those struggling with prescription drug abuse to seek treatment.”

Announced at the fourth annual National RX Drug Abuse Summit in Atlanta, the CDC campaign will run through May 15. Entitled “When the Prescription Becomes the Problem,” the social media initiative urges people to write a six-word story or message, create an original video, or post a picture about their experiences with prescription drug abuse. Messages will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtag #RxProblem. In solidarity with the CDC initiative, the Waismann Method Medical Group is calling on physicians, mental health professionals, and all those impacted by prescription drug abuse to use the #RxProblem hashtag to share their stories on social media.
“One of the largest barriers to treatment is the misunderstanding and stigma attached to opiate dependence,” said Dr. Michael Lowenstein, Medical Director of the Waismann Method. “With more than 16,000 people dying from prescription drug overdose in 2013, the CDC social media initiative is an important move in bringing these issues into the public eye. We need to engage individuals, their families, and the entire community to combat opiate dependence and encourage those struggling with prescription drug abuse to seek treatment. This social media campaign is particularly important for reaching our nation’s young people, who are disproportionately affected by drug addiction.”
The Waismann Method Medical Group pledges to continue combating opiate dependence and encourages the CDC to keep creating innovative solutions to the substance abuse problems facing the nation.
For more information about the Waismann Method, please visit https://www.opiates.com. For interviews with Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, please contact Clare Waismann at 310-205-0808 or send an email to info(at)opiates(dot)com.

About Waismann Method ® Treatment

Since its inception in the late 1990s, the Waismann Method ® treatment center has been internationally recognized as a premier facility for opiate treatment.  In particular, the facility specializes in rapid opiate detoxification and utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to treat opiate dependence. Located in Southern California, the Waismann Method treatment center provides comprehensive care for opiate dependence. From anesthesia assisted rapid detoxification to modified medical opiate detoxification, the Waismann Method medical director ensures that each patient receives individualized care tailored to his or her unique needs. All detoxification treatment is performed in a fully accredited hospital, with aftercare provided in our exclusive Domus Retreat Recovery Center.
Michael H. Lowenstein, M.D., has served as Medical Director for Waismann Method for nearly 20 years. He is acclaimed as an international authority on opiate addiction and rapid detoxification treatment methods. Dr. Lowenstein holds four board certifications, including board-certification in Addiction Medicine, Pain Management, and Anesthesiology. He has over two decades of experience as a pain specialist and expert in opiate dependence. His expertise has been fully integrated into Waismann Method clinical practice, uses the most advanced methods available to ensure quality of patient experience and outcomes.
Waismann Method ® rapid opiate detox is provided in an accredited hospital with specialized services for patients with varying medical and dependency needs. Physicians, therapists, and staff work collaboratively with patients to create a personalized treatment and aftercare plan designed to ensure a healthy and effective transition to a life without opiates. Waismann Method ® patients achieve an extraordinarily high success rate, and thousands of patients have been effectively treated using our methods. The professionals at the Waismann Method treatment center place the utmost importance on compassionate, responsible, patient care. Find out more about the Waismann Method ® at https://www.opiates.com.
Source: NBC 12

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