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Miley Cyrus Bonds With Mom In Wake Of Bong Smoking Controversy

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Just four days after video surfaced of Disney star Miley Cyrus inhaling smoke out of a bong, she took comfort in the presence of her mother as these RadarOnline.com photos reveal.
Miley walked arm-in-arm on the set of her upcoming flick So Undercover in New Orleans, Louisiana with her mother, Tish, on Tuesday – looking especially wholesome in tight white pants and a light pink button-up.
As RadarOnline.com previously reported, the girl who allegedly taped the video of Miley was Anna Oliver, a close friend of Demi Lovato.
Lovato is the latest in a string of troubled Disney stars, entering a rehab facility in Illinois earlier this year for “emotional and physical issues.”
As for Miley, while it was initially thought to be marijuana she was puffing from the bong it turned out to be salvia, which according to Clare Kavin of the Waismann Method, is hallucinogenic and can lead to disturbing behavior.
RadarOnline.com was also first to report Miley’s wild behavior when she was caught on video at The Last Song wrap party giving producer Adam Shankman an inappropriately sexy lap dance.
Source: Radar Online

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