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Could an intervention have saved Michael Jackson from prescription drug overdose?

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Sheila Guilloton
BEVERLY HILLS,Calif.–(Examiner.com)– July 20, 2009 – The saddest words are “what might have been.”  There is still no final report on the cause of Michael Jackson’s death although it is not expected to contain any surprise. The cause of death will almost certainly be accidental overdose of prescription drugs.
Amid ongoing speculation that some family and friends suspected that Mr. Jackson had a problem with prescription medications, as late as last week the family was trying to get Michael to agree to a rehab program. They had considered an intervention and had tried to reach Michael but their efforts were unsuccessful.

But Jackson is said to have been in complete denial. To the end he remained adamant that he did not have a drug problem. Sources report that although he continued to deny any drug abuse, he did agree to honor the wishes of his family that he bring a “sober companion”with him for the London tour.
With the evidence of his abuse of very toxic prescription drugs, the Jackson family considered trying to get legal help to force Michael into a rehab facility to detox.  Under California law, a person can be forcibly admitted facility under the recommendation of two psychiatrists. However the judge must be given clear and convincing evidence that the person is a danger to themselves or others.
It is a long and difficult legal process and unlikely to be useful as Michael was preparing to leave the country for his tour. Brother Randy thought that Michael had to be saved from himself. But could Michael have handled another legal proceeding even one brought by his family out of concern.  Clearly it was  not an option for Michael.  Despite the fact that his drug use was apparent, Michael Jackson continued to be in denial until the day of his death.
It was reported over the weekend that Elizabeth Taylor had tried a few years ago to get Michael to check into a rehab facility in London. No one can confirm if he did check in but it is clear, if he did, he only remained a few days.
Los Angeles has a wide variety of detox facilities available,  many of which have worked with other famous celebrities.  Los Angeles also is home to a rapid detox program know as the Waismann Method.
The Waismann Method is controversial but it has been operating for 11 years and has a 72% success rate.

Author: Sheila Guilloton is a National Examiner. You can see Sheila’s articles on Sheila’s Home Page.
Source: Examiner.com

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