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Rising Incidence of Recreational Fentanyl Use Among Youth

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Fentanyl is a drug used medically for pain management, but for drug users, it can be a new way to achieve a high when combined with heroin. Recent research by the Waismann Method® opioid treatment specialists, reveals the striking increase in the number of recreational fentanyl use and users who are seeking detoxification.
Fentanyl use was primarily for managing intense pain that couldn’t be managed with weaker drugs. This year, the rapid increase in its popularity among the younger generation reveals its use as a drug to complement and heighten the effects of heroin.
According to Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, Medical Director for the Waismann Method, “The illicit use of Fentanyl to enhance a drug high is particularly disconcerting. Our study should be seen as a serious indicator of an impending widespread epidemic that can be avoidable when adequate prevention, education, and treatment are available.”
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