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Fox News: Painkiller Addiction in the Workplace

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Fox news 5 san diego

Michael H. Lowenstein, M.D., Medical Director of WAISMANN METHOD®, was featured this morning on FOX 5 Morning News in San Diego, CA. As one of the nation’s leading physicians specializing in chronic pain and addiction, Dr. Lowenstein sat down to discuss the recent rise of opiate use in the workplace and its effect on overall job performance and safety.
During the segment, he shared the top warning signs employers should look for if they suspect an employee has developed an opiate pain pill drug addiction and dependency to opiates.

  • An employee puts extra effort in completing simple tasks
  • Performance is compromised
  • The employee appears to care less about the quality of work.
  • Waismann Method® of Opiate Detoxification is a safe, humane and highly effective treatment option that boasts a seventy-five percent success rate in comparison to a fifty-percent success rate with other detox methods.

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