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AM 870 The Morning Answer with Jen and Grant Interview with the Founder of Waismann Method

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On September 10th, 2021, Clare Waismann, RAS/SUDCC, founder of WAISMANN METHOD® and Domus Retreat joined Jennifer Horn and Grant Stinchfield of the Morning Answer AM 870, to talk about the alarming spike in drug overdose deaths, the rise of illicit fentanyl and available opioid treatment options. We are delighted to present to you the recording and transcript of the radio show segment. 
Jennifer Horn: …And the reason that we can do this is because of friends like Clare Waismann. She is the president and founder of the Waismann Method. They are fantastic. If you have someone who is suffering with opioid addiction and this is something that can happen to someone on the street or in the corner office. You definitely want to check in with the Waismann Method and Clare Waismann. Thanks for being with us on a really important day here on the program. Claire, good morning to you.
Clare Waismann: Good morning, Jennifer. Thank you for having me in this, you know, so important day that you know that we remember how we once united as a nation, you know, to protect our citizens?
Jennifer Horn: We really do. We were united at that point now here in California – we aren’t feeling that. We’re so united at the moment in the country. We aren’t feeling so united at the moment, just for you personally. Clare, before we talk about the Waismann Method and the recall of Gavin Newsom, what was 911 like for for you? How did you made that experience? Stick out for you?
Clare Waismann: You know, I was with my family. We felt so vulnerable that day and, you know, afraid. But on the days to follow, we were in the streets. You know, we had candles in our hands and we felt like one. We felt like the well-being of our citizens came first.
Jennifer Horn: And that’s what we all stood out there together and it felt like the right thing to do. Let’s shift a little bit to some of the news stories this week, Grant. We’ve been talking about this off the air and on. There have been some pretty significant overdoses of celebrities in the news and it all seems to be leading back to people who are taking drugs. Those drugs are laced with fentanyl. Can you speak Clare about this current onslaught? We’re hearing all about this, and it’s not even overdosed. These are poisonings really from fentanyl, right?
Clare Waismann: Correct. So, you know, as sad as it is that, you know, the people, those celebrities died, this is going on this year. Fentanyl is invading every corner of our society is coming through the borders in rates that are unimaginable and people are overdosing left and right. Sadly enough, we don’t have current data. Data usually shows up a year to two years, you know, after the fact. And I think when we look at the data of fatal overdoses in 2021, it’s it’s going to be something horrific a tragedy that we have not seen in our lifetimes. And I speak to patients all day long, and nowadays they talk to me about friends that overdose like a mundane fact, I had two that overdose. I had three that overdose. I have never heard this in my life and I’ve been doing what I do for the last 25 years.
Grant Stinchfield: And what you do, Clare, is is help people get over their addiction through an amazing system of
Clare Waismann: What we do is a medical detox in the hospital instead of allowing a patient to go through the withdrawal vomiting, diarrhea for, you know, days or weeks on end where they heart, most of them don’t even make it through it because the suffering is too much. We put them in a full-service accredited hospital and get them through the withdrawal under medical care.
Grant Stinchfield: Clare, so when you talk about fentanyl and when they lace so many things with fentanyl, right? Does that system work to get the fentanyl out of the system as well? Is it just eating the heroin and then the fentanyl dissipates on its own?
Clare Waismann: All opioids, regardless of what they are. Fentanyl is not the normal fentanyl that we use, you know, in medical procedures. This is illicit fentanyl coming from China and Mexico. The potency of this drug is beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. And so as the withdraws. So, you know, having the patients in the hospital while controlling their vitals and getting them through the withdrawal, not just safely but much more comfortably allows them, you know, to be emotionally present to deal with whatever emotional issues.
Jennifer Horn: The physical ailments are so strong, many people are terrified to get off of them, even if they want to get off of opiates.
Clare Waismann: The opiate patient, Jennifer, is different, yeah, and it is it was 20 years ago. We treat, you know, 72,74-year-olds.
Jennifer Horn: People, yeah, exactly. So I said it could be someone from the street to the corner office because this is somebody that may have had bad back surgery and gets hooked on painkillers and then finds himself with this addiction and they’re scared to get off. If you know some of those people, if you are that person, if the person is in your family, check out Clare Waismann, the Waismann Method and it’s the place to go www.opiates.com. The Waismann Method is where you want to go. Opiates.com or 310-205-0808. Clare, thank you so much. Clare Waismann has been with us. And again, thank you for being with us. This is really important what you are doing and thank you for supporting our efforts to bring you complete wall-to-wall coverage of our recall election coming up on September 14. Tuesday is Election Day, where you will be back on it then.

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