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A Breathalyzer Test to Detect Drugs in the Works

The significant rise in Marijuana use and the opioid epidemic is causing a need for a breathalyzer test to detect driving under the influence of drugs. While various factors such as a substance’s vapor pressure and determining the time the drug was taken are providing obstacles in the process, there is hope that a breathalyzer capable…

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Waismann Method on the talk show ‘The Doctors’

Brendan posted a video on social media, where he told his son about the sons mother’s fatal overdose. Brendan was invited to The Doctors to talk about his own struggle with drug abuse as well as the rationale of why he decided to post the video on social media. Surprises for Father Struggling with Addiction…

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Why Drug Rehabs Should Not Label People As “Addicts”

Clare Waismann of the Waismann Method has a piece published on Healthcare News on whether or not to label people as “addicts”. Here is an excerpt: Despite an estimated 23.5 million people needing treatment for substance abuse in 2009, only 11.2% of these individuals actually got treatment at a special facility, according to the Substance…


Fentanyl, more potent than heroin?

Dr. Michael Lowenstein of the Waismann Method has a piece published on The Hill on fentanyl. Here is an excerpt: Often times, the illicit drug heroin is thought of as one of the more powerful opioids on the planet. It might be surprising to hear that a relatively common prescription medication, fentanyl, is even more…