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Kadian Addiction

Have you become physically and/or psychologically dependent upon the narcotic analgesic Kadian? It can be a very tough problem to overcome without the help of qualified, compassionate professionals. Kadian is a potent opioid, the brand name for morphine sulfate. It’s used in the management of moderate to severe pain but is also considered a drug of abuse. Those using Kadian for therapeutic reasons, as well as those who take it recreationally, can become addicted quickly after prolonged, regular use. A Kadian addiction often develops after legitimate use escalates after a tolerance develops. One the drug builds up in the body, its effects can become diminished, leading some to misuse Kadian in a variety of ways. The sign of physical addiction to opiate painkillers is unmistakable. Once someone develops physical addiction, withdrawal symptoms will set in once use is stopped or gradually lessened. These can be extremely painful, especially among long-time users or those who have abused it. Taking more Kadian than what’s recommended, or more often than prescribed, is dangerous and can lead to addiction and overdose.

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Signs of Kadian Addiction

It’s important to take Kadian exactly as prescribed to avoid serious complications. Altering your dose in any way can lead to addiction. Chewing or crushing the pills can cause dangerously high levels of the drug to flood the system, leading to possible overdose or other serious complications. Signs of a Kadian addiction can include a preoccupation with obtaining and consuming the drug and persistent use despite negative consequences. If your use has escalated or you are misusing the drug in other ways, it’s time to seek help. Drug-seeking behaviors typical of opiate addiction can include doctor shopping and falsifying prescriptions.

Intravenous Medications Can Alleviate a Painful Kadian Withdrawal

For more than a decade, the Waismann Method has successfully treated thousands of patients from across the world that become dependent upon opiates. Our renowned rapid detox can rid your body of Kadian with a fully-supervised medical procedure that takes less than two hours. Our total required stay is a few days compared to the weeks or months mandated by other detox and rehab facilities. So many people fear detoxification because of the prospect of painful withdrawal. The Waismann Method of rapid detox medically manages these symptoms to eliminate unnecessary suffering. Our in-hospital procedure uses intravenous medications that cleanse Kadian from patients’ opiate receptors while they sleep comfortably under deep sedation. Unlike many other detox programs, we don’t use opiate replacement drugs such as Suboxone or methadone to treat opiate addiction. Our success comes from quickly treating Kadian addiction and medically managing withdrawal symptoms which are accelerated. Patients are not consciously aware of the withdrawal phase because it occurs while they are under deep sedation. We also offered continued care through our Domus Retreat transitional living facility. A relaxing, pampering environment provides the ultimate recovery experience coupled with therapies including biofeedback, massage and counseling.

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