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The quest for pain relief can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Millions suffer chronic pain conditions or injuries that are managed with prescription painkillers. Kadian is a potent narcotic analgesic that contains morphine sulfate. The extended-release capsules are meant to treat moderate to severe, around-the-clock pain for an extended period of time. It’s a Schedule II Controlled Substance in the U.S. which classifies narcotics based on, among other things, the potential for abuse. Kadian can lead to physical and psychological dependence in both therapeutic and recreational users. A Kadian dependence can and should be treated by responsible, medically-based detox to ensure safety and comfort of patients.

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Kadian Warnings

It’s advised that Kadian be taken exactly as prescribed to lessen the likelihood of problems including addiction and overdose which can be fatal. The central nervous system depressant should not be combined with certain other substances such as alcohol, sedatives, tranquilizers and other narcotics. The 100 mg and 200 mg dosages of Kadian should only be taken by opiate-tolerant patients who are used to taking high doses. Those who aren’t tolerant of opiates can suffer fatal respiratory depression if they take Kadian. The capsules should be swallowed whole. You shouldn’t attempt to crush, break or otherwise dissolve the medication because it causes rapid release of Kadian which can cause a fatal overdose. A responsible doctor will take into account many factors before prescribing Kadian and deciding on a proper dose. These include the type and severity of pain, the patient’s prior history and current regimen of opiate therapy, and the patient’s overall medical condition. Kadian can cause side effects, some severe, and withdrawal symptoms once use is stopped or gradually lessened. Kadian can affect mental and/or physical ability needed for performance of potentially dangerous tasks such as driving or operating machinery. You should avoid these activities until you know how the medication affects you.

Safe, Rapid Kadian Detox Offered by Waismann Method

Long-term use of narcotic painkillers can cause a tolerance to develop, meaning the drugs’ effects become diminished. Once this happens, some will escalate use which is dangerous. The Waismann Method of rapid detox allows patients to sleep comfortably under deep sedation while intravenous medications cleanse the drugs from their opiate receptors. This takes less than two hours and does not rely on opiate replacements such as methadone and Suboxone to wean patients. Our in-hospital procedure allows patients to return to a normal life within days. Accelerated withdrawal symptoms occur within hours instead of days, as with traditional methods. Once patients awake, they are no longer physically dependent on opiates and they are unaware of the withdrawal that occurred during the procedure. After-care is closely monitored and patients are prescribed a daily dose of non-addictive Naltrexone, an opiate inhibitor to eliminate physical cravings for opiates. We also offer continued recovery at our Domus Retreat transitional living facility where therapies include biofeedback, individual and group therapy, counseling and massage. Our approach to Kadian dependence is safe, effective, humane and completely discreet.

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