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Executive Opiate Detox & Rehab – Private Addiction Treatment for Professionals

For busy executives, professionals or business owners, traditional approaches to drug rehab are usually not the right fit.  Despite levels of drug dependence at similar rates to the rest of the population, executives face several constraints in seeking treatment.  Taking 30 to 90 days off for drug treatment is rarely an option, as executives must manage immense responsibilities.  Furthermore, the high stress associated with the consequences of being away from work can make professionals more susceptible to drug relapse once they return.  In addition to the time constraints, associates and shareholders might wonder and expect an excuse when a high-powered executive seeks an extended leave of absence.  All of these factors combined, contribute to a perfect storm that could place executives, their families, and their businesses at risk if they chose the wrong executive opiate detox treatment.

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Executive Opiate Detox and Addiction Treatment Program

Our executive opiate detox program is perfect for those who desire a quick, safe and effective opioid treatment. Those who want to in their private rooms during treatment, while receiving excellent personal care. The Waismann Method® is the perfect place for patients to obtain the best private opioid detox available. We provide executives with a treatment specifically designed with their unique needs in mind. Our Executive Drug Treatment Program and Rapid Opiate Detox is indeed an environment that supports addiction treatment for professionals.

Short-Term Private Opiate Detox Treatment for Executive Professionals

Each person is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment is not enough.  At the Waismann Method ® Center, we provide individualized options for executive drug rehab programs designed to maximize patient safety, treatment effectiveness and confidentiality. This includes combinations of scientific focus and approaches to medical detoxification, emotional health, and professional assistance.

An executive drug rehab center can be beneficial for busy professionals who need to take time away from the stressors of the modern workplace.  Executive drug retreats also remove the temptations of everyday life while allowing the professional to retain some responsibilities, improving the possibility of the drug treatment success.  For those with strong drug dependencies, extended options of medical detoxification combined with drug rehabilitation facilities offer state-of-the-art addiction care.  Importantly, executive addiction treatment usually includes privacy and seclusion, diminishing the potential for unwanted individuals or even media involvement.

How Long is a Short-Term Treatment Program?

Although nothing is more important than patients safety and success, we are aware of executives’ responsibilities and obligations. We also understand the repercussions executives may face if they disappear for an extended amount of time. Our drug treatment program, allows you to work while in treatment and stay connected to those that can make your return a smooth transition.

Furthermore, in our program, you can keep communicating with your family and employees. If you choose to be entirely disconnected from your day-to-day, you can absolutely do that. We allow you to decide just how accessible you wish to be. Our drug treatment program provides executives with the best private care in the most comfortable environment. Our drug treatment is ideal for professionals that need help with the physiological aspect of drug abuse, without the long-term commitment or group environment.

Domus Retreat in combination with the Waismann Detox is considered one of the top luxury rehab centers and opiate detoxification in California. Waismann Method® executive drug rehab and detox programs begin with a medical detox at a full-service, accredited hospital.  Here, a multidisciplinary team of addiction experts provides individualized opiate detox.  Immediately following the medical detox in the hospital, clients move to the privacy of the luxury Domus Retreat executive drug rehab center. We provide the luxury rehab Los Angeles executives and executives from all over the world seek, with private suites, around the clock exceptional care and a combination of therapeutic services to maximize effectiveness and provide the confidentiality executives need.

A modified version of executive life continues, with individuals having access to a personal laptop to fulfill essential business responsibilities.  This ensures that executives maintain a professional presence, easing the transition back to a productive life.

One Week Executive Opiate Detox and Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Unlike traditional rehabs programs, the Waismann Method®  total commitment is usually 7 to  10 days with the possibility of extension.  Many executives also benefit from the opportunity of returning after a month, for a “refresh week.” This period allows people to recharge, review their progress and possible triggers since returning home.

Our individualized approach to drug detox, makes the Waismann Method ® among the most sought-after executive drug rehab programs available. We understand the consequences that opiate addiction can have on executives. We also understand the responsibilities they have to maintain their professional life while away. For those reasons, we always attempt to make special arrangements to accommodate pressing business or life responsibilities.  In our executive detox retreats, our highest priority is the safety and success of the individuals in our care.

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