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ACTIQ Addiction

Living with the pain of addiction can be debilitating. To recover, the body must fully detox from the drug. This process can bring with it a host of symptoms known as withdrawal. Duragesic, a potent opiate painkiller, has the potential to be highly addicting. The transdermal patch form of fentanyl is for the treatment of chronic pain. Many people begin taking the prescription medication, build a tolerance to it and begin to misuse or abuse it to feel its effects. Professional medical detox can help wean you safely from Duragesic. The Waismann Method offers such a program that also medically manages Duragesic withdrawal. The fear of intense painful symptoms doesn’t have to keep you from getting better. Our safe, humane program can eliminate most of the adverse symptoms to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery.

Fentanyl is between 50 and 100 times more potent than morphine. Although the drug can be injected or taken orally), a common method is to form is the transdermal patches which Duragesic is the most recognized brand name.

Duragesic Withdrawal can Bring Intense Physical and Mental Symptoms

Withdrawal can set in shortly after a person abruptly stops using or even when they gradually taper use. Depending on the length and severity of the addiction, Duragesic withdrawal can last weeks or months. Each patient experiences this process in a different way, but the potency of Duragesic ensures it will not be pleasant, especially for long-term users and abusers. The addiction can be physical and psychological, producing withdrawal symptoms that affect both. Some patients who don’t realize they are addicted may feel symptoms develop and take a dose to make them go away. Strong drug cravings are one of the most common withdrawal symptoms. Others can include mood swings, tremors, hallucinations, delirium, runny nose, sneezing, chills, sleeplessness, anxiousness, yawning, restlessness, weakness, flu-like symptoms, depression, cramps, diarrhea, sweating, vomiting, muscle and bone pain, confusion, extreme irritability and muscle spasms. The gradual reduction of dose is recommended when trying to stop the use of Duragesic. Trying to go “cold turkey” could be painful and lead to seizures and other complications.

Reports of fentanyl-laced heroin, have been reported across the United States causing thousands of overdoses.

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Fentanyl / Duragesic Withdrawal & Detox Treatment

The Waismann Method of  Duragesic Withdrawal & Detox Treatment is a renowned option to minimize the severity – even eliminate –  withdrawal symptoms.  Our Quadruple-Board Certified Doctor with almost two decades of experience will treat patients in their private rooms, of our full service accredited hospital. Our highly successful and humane treatment processes can reverse Duragesic dependency quickly and successfully, getting you back on your feet sooner than other drug detox programs. And unlike some other facilities, the Waismann Method doesn’t believe in treating opiate addiction with opiate replacement therapy. This ensures you will not have to deal with a second addiction and detox.

Patients with additional medical conditions need to effectively detox within a hospital, where many different specialists are available to consult and assist if needed. Multiple treatment options should be available and designed to meet individual medical needs.

After hospital discharge, patients are assisted at our private and specialized recovery retreat for a few days. At Domus Retreat they will be supported around the clock while gaining physical and emotional stability needed after detoxification. While some individuals are only required to remain a few days,  others choose to stay longer and work on recovery, anxiety, depression, trauma or other issues.

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