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Dihydrocodeine Treatment

The proper course of treatment can help eradicate an addiction to Dihydrocodeine. Many forms of treatment can help rid patients of their physical addiction and some may address the psychological aspects. The problem is that some treatment programs offer substandard services that don’t totally treat the issues or promote long-term recovery. Dihydrocodeine is an opiate prescription medication which helps manage pain and treat conditions such as chronic cough and shortness of breath. Many people can take it safely and successfully. There are some people, however, who develop issues such as tolerance, physical and psychological dependence and withdrawal once they suddenly stop use. For others, misuse or abuse can result in overdose or death. Dihydrocodeine Treatment programs can offer services that range from detox to therapy to support groups and meetings. Not all programs offer management for the withdrawal phase which can be brutal, even life threatening, without proper attention.

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Who is at Risk for Developing a Problem with Dihydrocodeine?

So many people use Dihydrocodeine responsibly for their medical issues. But some people use it recreationally to achieve a high. This is dangerous and Dihydrocodeine is a drug of abuse with the potential to be habit forming. Legitimate use can turn problematic after a period of time if a tolerance develops and patients begin to take more and more. Regardless of how addiction develops, the right treatment program will provide a safe detox, a way to manage withdrawal and an aftercare retreat to help ease the transition to a drug-free life. Those at risk of developing a problem with Dihydrocodeine include both patients who have used the drug short-term and those who have taken it long-term.

Safe, Discreet Dihydrocodeine Treatment Offered by Waismann Method

Waismann Method is well known for its safe, effective, compassionate and timely detox for Dihydrocodeine addiction. Most patients seek the Waismann Method for its world renowned rapid detox process. When anesthesia assisted rapid detox is indicated, we begin by admitting patients to their private room in the hospital where they will remain for a few days. Doctors will use intravenous medication to cleanse the drug from patients’ opiate receptors. During this time, patients rest while going through the withdrawal process. They also awaken without the awareness they went through an accelerated withdrawal and that symptoms peaked while they were under. This helps provide the most comfortable detox and allows patients the opportunity to recover with their dignity intact.

We also don’t use opiate replacement therapy to wean patients. Drugs such as Suboxone and methadone are also opiates and patients may come to rely on them. Although we are best known for rapid detox, we also offer additional medical detox options. The total hospital stay required for our medical detox varies from 1 to 4 days, depending on the treatment plan. Then we transfer patients to our exclusive aftercare facility. The program is very discreet and gives patients the comfort and care necessary to support their recovery. Domus Retreat offers a number of services including massage, yoga, acupuncture and counseling to determine potential underlying issues.

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