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Dihydrocodeine Addiction

Dihydrocodeine Addiction is a serious problem around the world, and one of the fastest-growing segments is prescription painkillersDihydrocodeine is an opioid (narcotic) medication used for pain management, to treat shortness of breath and as a cough suppressant. Opioid addiction can happen to anyone and doesn’t discriminate. Most people aren’t to blame for their problem with Dihydrocodeine. This is a problem that can just sneak up on patients who use the medication for legitimate reasons.

A tolerance can develop with regular use and means the drug’s effects become diminished. Instead of exploring alternative treatments with a doctor, many people begin to take more and more to achieve pain relief. This can lead quickly to physical and/or psychological addiction. Some people also choose to use opiates recreationally to achieve a state of relaxation, sedation or euphoria. The industry uses the term Polydrug user to describe these types of users. “Polydrug” users means the user uses more than one substance together to heighten effects. This can be extremely dangerous and cause overdose which can be fatal.

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Treatment for Dihydrocodeine Addiction Can be Humane and Pain-Free

Signs of Dihydrocodeine addiction can vary from patient to patient. Physical addiction is evident if withdrawal symptoms develop when use is stopped suddenly. Opiate withdrawal can be brutal and some serious complications can arise. This is why it’s so important to get opiate addiction under control early with treatment from a medical addiction specialist. Waismann Method offers rapid opiate detoxification that manages withdrawal to provide the most humane and comfortable recovery. Other signs of addiction can include a preoccupation with getting or consuming the medication, strong drug cravings that don’t subside unless you take another dose and increasingly reckless and dangerous drug-seeking behaviors. Dihydrocodeine addiction can be a debilitating and degrading condition that takes a toll on lives, friendships, marriages and careers. However, doctors can treat this problem safely and successfully, preventing further suffering.


A Medically Managed Withdrawal is a Safe and Comfortable Withdrawal

Many people avoid seeking opiate treatment because they fear a withdrawal full of pain and suffering. Waismann Method’s medical detox takes place in a hospital while patients sleep lightly under general anesthesia. Special medications are given intravenously to cleanse the drugs from patients’ opiate receptors and this process accelerates withdrawal symptoms. The duration of the procedure is less than two hours. Upon waking, the patients are not consciously aware that during sleep they underwent withdrawal. This provides the most comfortable recovery and takes the fear out of detox. We also don’t rely on opiate substitution therapy like some other detox facilities. This is when other opiate drugs such as Suboxone and methadone are used to help wean patients from their addiction. This can lead to the need for a second detox. Our discreet approach to Dihydrocodeine detox ensures your privacy will not be compromised.

Waismann Method Rapid Detox Center is exclusively located in So. California and receive patients from all over the world. We have no affiliations with any other doctors or hospitals anywhere else. We receive patients from Europe, the Middle East, South and Central America, Australia and all corners of the world. When just the best will suffice, patients come to our center. Here they find Accredited Hospital, Private Room, Quadruple Board-Certified Medical Director, Exclusive Recovery Center and Unparalleled Medical Care. The Waismann Treatment  also provides patients with a 5-10 days of around the clock inpatient professional care. In most cases, patients spend 2-3 days in the hospital and the remainder of the time at our private recovery center, Domus Retreat. At this exclusive recovery retreat patients are provided proper professional support following medical detoxification, to adjust to the radical physical and mental changes, that take place following the rapid detox procedure.

We hope the information above is helpful in assisting you to choose the best rapid detox center or opiate treatment option for yourself or a loved one. For more information on opiate detox options, please call us at 1-310-205-0808. We are here for you seven days a week.

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