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Demerol Treatment

While an addiction to Demerol (meperidine) can seem incredibly hard and scary to overcome, many treatment programs can help make the detoxification process much easier. Those with a more extensive history of Demerol addiction may need to be treated under medical supervision in a hospital. A hospital setting provides patients with the appropriate resources to overcome the withdrawal symptom in a much safer and comfortable manner.

Some drug rehabs also offer Demerol treatment programs, but they might lack the medical support needed.  They usually provide peer support groups and educational programs to help their patients start a life in recovery. Differentiating drug treatment from peer support is extremely important when choosing the best detox center.

When selecting a treatment center, it is important to find a program with adequate medical resources available.

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Choosing the Best Demerol Addiction Treatment Facility

Many people are prescribed Demerol for pain management. The drug attaches to the receptors which reduce the sensations of pain.  However, Demerol is not always used for medical purposes.  Many people begin using Demerol to manage physical pain and continued to self-medicate emotional distress.  No matter how it all began, tolerance, dependence, and addiction to Demerol can quickly take hold of someone’s life.

Each person is unique, even when taking the same drug as others. Individual needs must be considered by health care practitioners when it comes to choosing the best treatment protocol.

Inpatient medical detox is what is often recommended to individuals with Demerol addiction since the drug causes physical dependence. Opioid drugs have a significant risk of relapse associated with them due to the difficulties of overcoming the withdrawal symptoms. To avoid the possibility of relapse, inpatient medical treatment is much more conducive and beneficial to patients.

Who Mostly Benefits from Inpatient Medical Detoxification?

While most if not all people suffering from Demerol addiction can benefit from an inpatient medical detox, there are some in particular who benefits the most. Individuals who have experienced the following in their history:

  • Fear of withdrawal that keeps one from seeking treatment.
  • Severe or prolonged withdrawal symptoms
  • Pre-existing medical issues such as hypertension, diabetes or other conditions that can worsen with physical stress.
  • Inability to resist temptation and cravings.
  • Failure to handle stressful situations without turning to Demerol for relief.
  • Friends and/or family members who are also participating in substance abuse.
  • Lack of appropriate support and understanding from friends and relatives.


Withdrawal happens in different stages; the intensity and length will depend on several different factors, some of which have nothing to do with the drug itself.  The most common influences include the amount and regularity of the drug use and the physical and psychological condition of the patient.

Waismann Method®- Successfully Treating Demerol Addiction for Two Decades

The Waismann Method has provided an effective Demerol treatment solution for nearly 20 years. The treatment combines a comprehensive medical assessment with the latest detox techniques. Individualized medical care, is a hallmark of our center. Waismann staff consistently designs and delivers a highly personalized and effective treatment. We take the time to get to know our patients through an all-encompassing assessment process.

The healing begins with the initial call to our office.  A caring representative begins the process by providing an intake opportunity. The information provided will enable our professional staff the ability to design and customized treatment plan.

Demerol detoxification is the process of ridding the body from the drug, while properly managing withdrawal symptoms and stabilizing the patient’s overall health. Depending what is clinically indicated and personal preferences, patients may undergo rapid detox under anesthesia or a slower hospital based medically assisted detox.

Once the patient has been medically stabilized, he or she will be transferred to our exclusive recovery center, Domus Retreat.

It is essential to understand that ACTIQ detoxification is available in many different settings. How safe and effective each treatment is, often equates to the facility and treating physician credentials and experience.

Rapid Demerol Detox

Waismann Method® has maintained its leadership, by providing one of the highest success rates of any opiate detoxification in history. We treat opioid dependence as a physical condition that can and should be overcome, with advanced medical techniques. We also treat the biochemical cause of your physical cravings.

Rapid Detox procedure is intended to rid the body of any opioid drugs, while the patient is under anesthesia. That means that the worst part of the withdrawal symptoms is overcome while the patient is asleep.  At the Waismann detox, you are treated under the care and supervision of our Quadrupled Board Certified M.D., his staff, and hospital physicians.

Our rapid detox process is supplemented with a Naltrexone therapy for the elimination of physical cravings. While the detox will clear the body of the drug, Naltrexone therapy will aid you in keeping you away from it.

Waismann Method is considered best-in-class. Our medical director with his team of clinicians and wellness professionals leverage unparalleled expertise and experience.  Our highly regarded team is committed to excellence and compassionate care.

Free yourself from Demerol addiction. Our patients travel from all over the world because we are the only providers of the Waismann Method® worldwide. Please do not confuse us with less than adequate rapid detox centers. Our accredited facility, multi-certified physicians, and exclusive recovery center is one of its kind and for those who seek the best.

Our knowledgeable advisors are available 7 days a week at 1-310-205-0808 or by email to discuss what available treatment options will best fit your needs.

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