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Darvocet Treatment

Darvocet was a narcotic pain reliever that was removed from the U.S. market in 2010. It included a combination of propoxyphene and acetaminophen. Darvocet treatment can be difficult because the drug falls into the opiate category, causing both long term mental and physical addiction.

The Waismann Method of medical detox, offers a humane an effective Darvocet treatment solution for patients with addiction to all opiates. Our Drug Treatment combines correcting chemical imbalances, psychological evaluations and latest medical advancement to control cravings.

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Most patients seeks our help due to our, advanced rapid drug detox which has maintained one of the the highest success rate in the field of opiate detoxification in the last two decades. The Waismann Method of Rapid Detox, treats Darvocet dependence as a physical disease that can be overcome with advanced medical techniques. We diagnose the true cause of dependence and treat the chemical deficiencies that induces physical craving. Patients are treated physically and mentally with dignity and respect.

Darvocet  treatment usually involves a comprehensive medical  physical detoxification followed by individualized behavioral therapy. Medical intervention and assistance, is generally required to safely manage the detoxification phase.  Obtaining individual counseling and a solid support system helps the user maintain long term sobriety. Recovery from Darvocet dependence, requires an active commitment on the part of the patient, but full recovery is very possible.

Darvocet treatment with the Waismann Method  is the most safe, effective and humane in treatment you will find.

The Waismann Method allows most patients to return to a productive life in a matter of days and eliminates the need to spend months in hospitals or rehab programs.

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