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June 28th, 2010

Buying Percocet without a PrescriptionSerious complications including overdose could occur if you try to buy Percocet online without investigating the website you’re buying from. Many companies out there are trying to make a quick profit off unsuspecting customers by offering counterfeit, substandard or dangerous prescription drugs. When dealing with so-called online pharmacies, what you see is not always what you get. Percocet is a powerful opiate (narcotic) pain medication that must be prescribed by a doctor. It’s used to treat moderate to severe pain. It’s always best to deal with a local, trusted pharmacy when filling prescriptions. Some people try to save time or money and can end up regretting the decision. This is because some companies online pretend to be pharmacies but are not. Many of them operate outside the U.S. where standards don’t have to be met and regulations aren’t followed. This is very dangerous for customers who may not know what to look for when shopping for a safe pharmacy.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Percocet Online

Prescription opiates have a high potential to lead to abuse, addiction and possible overdose. Some people use these drugs recreationally or abuse them in order to feed an opiate addiction. Online pharmacies offering meds without requiring a prescription cater to these folks and know that desperate people will buy what they’re offering. People with legitimate pain should avoid a site that doesn’t require a prescription or one that offers deals that seem too good to be true. Some sites sell fake or outdated medications. Some drugs show no trace of the active ingredient they’re supposed to contain. The dangers of buying Percocet online include receiving medicines that are: too strong or not strong enough; the wrong dosage; made with dangerous ingredients; not checked for safety and effectiveness according to U.S. standards; and those that are not labeled, shipped or stored correctly. A legitimate website for a pharmacy will list contact information that includes a physical address and telephone number. It will also make available a registered pharmacist who can answer questions if there’s a problem. Some online pharmacies are safe but should be licensed and registered in the U.S. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacies lists safe pharmacies on its website,

Where to Get Help for Percocet Addiction

There can also be financial and personal ramifications of buying prescription painkillers online. Some people have reported placing orders but not receiving them. In some instances, these questionable online sites have failed to protect customers’ sensitive personal and financial information. People who purposely seek out questionable sites that don’t follow the rules may be suffering from Percocet addiction. Waismann Institute offers complete opiate detox in a medical setting that is safe, effective and discreet. Our humane approach eliminates the physical dependence in less than two hours using intravenous medications. This happens while patients are lightly sedated and helps prevent a dangerous and painful opiate withdrawal. We also offer optional aftercare at our Domus Retreat.

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