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Actiq Detox: Medical Treatment for Fentanyl-Based Drug Dependence

About Actiq (Fentanyl Citrate)

Actiq is a formulation of fentanyl citrate on a lollipop-type stick. It dissolves slowly in the mouth for fast absorption across the oral mucous membrane. Fentanyl is a Schedule II controlled substance. Fentanyl-based Actiq is much stronger than morphine and is intended for opiate-tolerant individuals.

This drug is typically prescribed for chronic pain. Off-label use has also become an issue, however, especially because this powerful drug has addictive properties.

Actiq Detox

Actiq addiction and fentanyl abuse have become a significant problem in the United States. Addiction to this opioid type tends to develop quickly, and unsuspecting individuals take Actiq for legitimate pain reasons.

Actiq detox can be painful because the opiate can cause long-term mental and physical addiction. Rapid detox is the most effective treatment to overcome Actiq dependence. Traditional drug rehab treatment methods for fentanyl addiction using talk therapy often have less than a 10% success rate.


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Waismann Method® Actiq (Fentanyl) Rapid Detoxification

Waismann Method® provides Actiq detox to help people overcome physical drug dependence. This medical procedure under sedation is designed to make detox more comfortable and successful. Rapid Actiq detox induces and speeds the withdrawal while the patient sleeps. Waismann Method® offers:

  • The highest opioid detox success rate in the country
  • Treatment from one of the pioneers of rapid detox for opiates
  • Nearly 20 years of experience implementing and perfecting the procedure
  • A history of treating thousands of patients successfully
  • A medical director experienced in treating the highest levels of opiates in the country
  • A program continuously featured in the media as a trusted expert in the field of rapid opiate detoxification

Opioid addiction can develop quickly. Once you have an Actiq addiction, chances are it’s too late to find a comfortable solution to get off Actiq. The Waismann Treatment™ includes the superior medical care necessary to detox successfully.

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Our Rapid Opiate Detox Center

Our rapid drug treatment method of Actiq detox provides the highest success rate in the field of opiate dependency in the country. Waismann Method®’s rapid detox approach treats Actiq addiction as a physical condition using the latest medical techniques.

With Waismann Method®, the rapid detox treatment is performed in a full-service hospital under our medical director’s strict supervision. During the acute withdrawal phase of the Actiq detox, patients are under sedation. The goal is to rid the body of physical dependence while the patient literally sleeps through physical withdrawal.

The Waismann Treatment™ eliminates the cravings that often accompany traditional opiate detox treatments. We assist you every step of the way, from admission to discharge. Once you complete your Actiq detox, you receive support and care at our private retreat, where we help you create a plan for remaining opiate-free.

Waismann Method® is proud to say that we have the highest fentanyl detox success rate of any other rapid Actiq detox treatment program. With the Waismann Detox™, most patients return to a productive life in a matter of days so there is no need to spend months in hospitals or rehab programs.

Actiq Detox Myths​

One of the deadliest assumptions people make about prescription painkillers like fentanyl-based Actiq is that this kind of drug is safe for everyone to take because a doctor prescribed it. Even when a legitimate doctor prescribes a drug to treat a legitimate medical condition, complications can develop.

Actiq is a highly potent prescription medication, also known by the generic term fentanyl citrate. This medication should only be prescribed for individuals who already tolerate opiates. Because the drug can be habit-forming, its use can result in dependence and addiction. Becoming dependent on Actiq will likely result in the need for professional opiate detox.

Many people don’t fully realize what medical opiate detox for fentanyl-based drugs like Actiq entails. They may have heard about fentanyl detox from friends, family members, or on TV, but what they heard is likely not accurate. Here are several myths about Actiq detox and the truth that can help people understand what this medical procedure really is:

Myth: It is easy to complete detoxification from Actiq at home.
Truth: Any type of opiate detox without adequate medical assistance can be dangerous.

Myth: Actiq detox is way too difficult, and recovery is impossible for some people.
Truth: The right inpatient detox treatment program can quickly and safely get you on track for long-term recovery.

Myth: Opiate replacement therapy with Suboxone or methadone can get me opiate-free quickly.
Truth: Suboxone and methadone are opiates as well. They replace the drug a patient is dependent upon. Dependence and abuse are possibilities with these types of medications, and therapy can last months or years. In contrast, the Waismann Treatment™ does not involve any opioids, so patients who complete the medical detox leave opioid-free.

Myth: Rapid opiate detox can be hazardous.
Truth: When performed by a reputable, experienced, board-certified medical doctor, rapid detox can be one of the safest, quickest, and most effective treatment options.

Myth: Rapid detox takes up to eight hours.
Truth: Advances made by reputable treatment providers have reduced the time needed for detox to between one and two hours.

Myth: I can safely detox from Actiq on my own at home.
Truth: This option is way too risky for most people due to the potential for dangerous — even life-threatening — Actiq withdrawal symptoms. Detox in an inpatient facility or hospital, however, helps keep patients safe and comfortable throughout withdrawal so that they can complete the detox successfully.

Myth: Detox at a clinic is as effective as a detox in a hospital.
Truth: Many inadequate facilities don’t have access to critical medical equipment or doctor oversight needed during detox. Patients are safest when detoxing in an accredited hospital.

Myth: Once I’ve kicked my physical dependence on Actiq, I am good to go.
Truth: Detox is absolutely essential to eliminate physical opiate dependence. If a patient is suffering from addiction to opioids, the psychological component of addiction must also be addressed; however, preferably with a mental health professional.

Where to Get Help for Actiq Addiction

You deserve the best treatment available, so it’s important to do your homework. You will want to first decide whether you want inpatient Actiq detox or outpatient treatment. Waismann Method® treatment options include inpatient medical detox in a private room of a full-service, accredited hospital. This treatment provides a superior level of medical care to improve each patient’s likelihood of successfully completing detox.

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Domus Retreat Recovery Center

A Perfect Place for Restoration and Rebuilding

While alcohol detox ends the body’s dependence on alcohol in a matter of days, the long-term physical and mental consequences of alcohol abuse remain. After Waismann Method’s patients have successfully detoxed from alcohol, they transition to the next treatment phase, Domus Retreat, our inclusive recovery center designed to feel like a luxury resort. Nestled in a secluded area in Anaheim Hills, Southern California, Domus Retreat offers private suites, chef-cooked meals, housekeeping services, and professional massages. However, the Domus Retreat is much more than a beautiful place to escape daily life’s stress.

Patients undergo an immersive, innovative, and evidence-based treatment experience. Waismann Method® alcohol treatment includes an individualized program of private or group yoga, tai chi, meditation practice, drama therapy, and intensive individual psychotherapy sessions. Each therapeutic program is unique because it is customized to a patient’s particular needs, goals, and preferences. We have been successfully treating patients for over two decades.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with alcohol addiction and dependence, contact the experts at Waismann Method®. Our medically supervised alcohol detox and recovery program offers a safe, discreet, and effective way to return to a life free of alcohol.

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