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Actiq Detox Possible Complications & Treatment Options

More and more people are falling victim to opiate dependence and addiction. Actiq is a formulation of fentanyl citrate. A prescription medication intended to treat breakthrough cancer pain, however, it is often prescribed for off-label and used for patients with severe chronic pain. It is much stronger than morphine, and Fentanyl is a Schedule II […]

Actiq Detox Center

Opiate addiction is a growing threat for people around the world. This problem has become out of control in recent years as the number of prescriptions being written has multiplied and more people have access. The number of people seeking treatment for opiate addiction continues to soar. Some may choose traditional opiate detox, which can […]

Actiq Detox Types

Taking that first step to search for different Actiq detox types, can be overwhelming. You may have lots of questions, such as: Should I choose inpatient or outpatient care? What is rapid opiate detox? Do I have the time/money to set aside for treatment? What if it doesn’t work? What Is Actiq? First, let’s take […]

Actiq Treatment Options

Pregnancy is supposed to be a beautiful experience, but if you’re suffering with Actiq dependency, you may be worried about yourself and your baby. Getting the right Actiq treatment can make all the difference. Actiq is a narcotic pain medication that is a solid form of Fentanyl. This medication comes in lollipop form – a […]

Actiq Detox Symptoms

Actiq detox symptoms can be an extremely painful process to endure, particularly after long term heavy use. These symptoms typically start, within hours of stopping the use and it can last for several weeks. Physical withdrawal symptoms can include: Vomiting Nausea Diarrhea Stomach Pain Chills Tremors Muscle Pain Sweating Runny Nose Dilated Pupils Yawning Insomnia […]

Painkiller Contracts Are Designed To Discourage Abuse Of Powerful Prescription Meds

People who take prescription painkillers are increasingly finding that their doctors want them to sign a contract related to their use. These doctor-patient painkiller contracts have a two-fold purpose. They are meant to protect the patient against possible complications that include abuse, addiction and overdose. It may also protect the doctor if patients do experience […]