Compressed Nerve Pain

Pain caused by a compressed or “pinched” nerve can be managed but may have long-term implications. An injury of this nature can be minor and short lived, or it can develop into a more permanent situation. A nerve or set of nerves can be damaged by compression, constriction or by being stretched. One of the […]

Burns and Pain

fire burning on black background

Burns are a common type of injury that most often results in pain. This can be brought on by contact with flames, scalding liquids, hot grease, hot metals or steam in various situations including house fires, kitchen accidents, electrical malfunctions, and vehicle crashes that cause fires or explosions. Burns are often difficult to treat because […]

Nerve Pain

Damaged nerve fibers can lead to chronic pain. There are many different causes of nerve damage, and they involve different symptoms and require different types of treatment. Peripheral nerve damage is very common, affecting millions of Americans. In fact, the risk of this increases with age and is often caused by conditions including diabetes. For […]