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Oxymorphone Withdrawal

Pain and suffering usually accompany Oxymorphone withdrawal and other similar opiate prescription medications. In fact, this is why many people have trouble seeking help with detox. Advancements in detoxification science have made it possible to essentially skip this withdrawal phase, thanks to the Waismann Method of Rapid Detox. Our unique and pioneering procedure set the […]

Oxymorphone Treatment

Treating an oxymorphone dependence can be difficult if the patient is not closely monitored and withdrawal symptoms are not managed effectively. Many treatment options are available to address an addiction to prescription painkillers including oxymorphone. This narcotic analgesic is potent and can lead to tolerance, physical and psychological dependence, overdose, withdrawal and the need for […]

Oxymorphone Overdose

Hand hanging off bed with empty glass and pills on floor, illustrating oxymorphone overdose

Each day many Americans die from an opioid overdose which includes prescription drugs like oxymorphone. Taking too much of the drug or combining it with other substances can result in overdose. In fact, the DEA considers this drug a schedule II controlled substance due to it’s potential for abuse and dependence. Oxymorphone is the generic name for prescription […]

Oxymorphone Abuse

Oxymorphone is the generic name for Opana, Opana ER and Numorphone HCI. The narcotic pain reliever treats moderate to severe pain and the extended release version treats around-the-clock pain. The opioid medication can be habit-forming, leading to problems including the development of tolerance, abuse, misuse, addiction and overdose. Once a patient start suffering with Oxymorphone […]