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Waismann Method® is one of the most successful opioid detox treatment programs available in the world. Our team of healthcare professionals and our quadruple board-certified medical director are world-renowned for providing patients with the most advanced medical solutions to treat opioid use disorder, particularly rapid detox. Although we are known as the premier rapid detox center globally, we also offer other effective medical detoxification for treating opioid and alcohol dependence.

Patients from all over the world fly to our exclusive location in Southern California. Upon arrival, a representative greets them at the airport, where their path to recovery begins. By offering our services exclusively in a single location, we have been able to become a worldwide leader in the field of medically assisted opioid treatment. Furthermore, our full-service JACHO-accredited hospital and private recovery center provides patients with a high level of privacy and care they have come to expect from this caliber program.


Although other clinics might try to attach their name or type of procedure to our renowned program, please be aware!

Waismann Method® Treatment Program has no affiliation with any other

doctors or centers around the world.

You can only find the official Waismann Method® in Southern California


Our team pioneered the beginning of a new era in the field of opioid addiction, not just by providing rapid detox more than 21 years ago but also by continuously improving it. In the last two decades, we have also added additional protocols and opioid detox techniques. As a result, we can successfully provide seniors treatment, including high doses of opioids and those with medical conditions. To expand the treatment possibilities for our patients, we are now also providing medically assisted alcohol detoxification.

As the official and only Waismann Method® provider in the world, we are proud to say that nearly 98% of our patients achieve full detoxification from opioids before returning home. Our focus is always on our patients, and we can tailor our medical protocols to each individual’s health needs. Having the ability to provide several detoxification protocols ensures not just the safety but also the success of each detox.

If safety and efficacy are your priority, Waismann Method® should be your choice.

Waismann Method® Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

Opiate dependence is a physical disorder that can be successfully reversed without experiencing unnecessary or distressful withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, our medical treatments assist patients through the acute withdrawal phase to detox safely, privately, and with dignity.

Individuals seeking the best opiate detox program worldwide will find a great solution with the Waismann Treatment. Furthermore, we are continually evolving and improving our treatment approaches and setting higher standards for others in the field of opioid treatment, rapid detox, and medical detox. Our staff is committed and dedicated to providing the highest quality individualized opiate detoxification treatment to all our patients.

Do not be fooled by copycats. There is only one Waismann Method® Treatment Center in the world. We have no affiliation to any Rapid Detox Center or doctors out there. Waismann Method® treatment center is available only in Southern California.

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How Does the Treatment Work?

Getting through an opioid withdrawal on your own is not only physically challenging and painful, but it is also more likely to result in an unsuccessful attempt. For this reason, Waismann Detox™ provides an in-hospital solution, where you can get the medical attention you need. Furthermore, our patients receive additional emotional and physical support for a few days at our private recovery center.

Waismann Treatment™ for opioid detoxification starts with a comprehensive medical evaluation performed by our medical director, Dr. Michael Lowenstein, and his team of medical specialists. A thorough medical evaluation is essential to determine the best detox procedure to follow, based on each patient’s individual needs. Generally, patients receive IV fluids with medications to ensure comfort, manage vitals, and necessary nutrients while the medical team manages physiological responses. Our team’s focus is on the health, safety, and support of each patient during treatment.

When seeking treatment, it is crucial to consider addiction issues and all other health problems, including mental health disorders. Detoxification is not an addiction treatment; it is the first and most vital step to achieve complete sobriety. An effective detoxification program center offers options for support following detox.

Facts of the Best Drug Detox Center

Various elements need to be present to become part of a tiny group of the most effective detox centers. Treatment should follow the principles of the latest available science. Doctors and therapists on staff should have a high level of education, board-certification, and licensure of recognized American health care organizations. The most effective detox centers typically offer several medically assisted detoxification protocols, as well as emotional management. Treatment plans, including protocols and length of stay, should be carefully tailored to the individual’s health needs and not on a pre-set basis.

Under the leadership of medical director Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein, Waismann Method® has been the pioneer treatment center in the evolution and advancement of medical opiate detoxification and rapid detox treatments. Furthermore, Dr. Lowenstein is quadruple board-certified and has successfully treated thousands of opioid-dependent patients over the length of his career. He also has over 21 years of experience performing successful rapid detox procedures.

Our physicians and staff are not only committed to detoxification success but also patient safety and comfort. Above all, we strive to provide the highest level of care, safety, and professionalism to every patient that comes through our doors.

Waismann Method Leading Rapid Detox
Medication-Assisted vs Medically-Assisted Detox
Rapid Detox by Waismann Method®

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Our Mission Is Your Success

Our continued success is due to our commitment to provide each patient with a specialized team of professionals of unmatched experience in medical detoxification. We always offer dedicated care and individualized attention to every patient.

More importantly, our mission is to provide the safest and most effective opioid treatment to help end opioid use disorder and the national health crisis involving opioids. To ensure effective opioid detox treatments, we utilize the most advanced medical resources and accredited facilities, which are staffed by some of the country’s top physicians. We understand that every individual has unique circumstances, so we never use a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we create individualized treatment protocols that serve a person’s specific psychological, social, and medical needs. What works for one individual may not be sufficient for another.

“Our commitment to providing superior results for opiate-dependent patients is just as strong today as it was two decades ago,”
– Waismann Method® founder Clare Waismann, CATC.

 Waismann Method® Detox and Treatment Locations

Clare Waismann founded Waismann Method® in the late 1990s. With the medical assistance of doctors C. Bernstein, M.D., and M.H. Lowenstein, M.D., the center has provided help to thousands of patients. Since its inception, the Waismann Method® has concentrated all its efforts in one single location worldwide. The real Waismann Method® can only be found in Southern California. More than two decades later, we have established a superior reputation worldwide for achieving exceptional results with unparalleled safety protocols for opiate detoxification.

We have no affiliation with any other doctors in the world. You can only find the official Waismann Method® in Southern California.

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Waismann Method® Rapid Detox Center's Opioid Detox Treatment Success Rate Is Over 98%

We offer a host of exclusive benefits to our patients.
Here are some elements that make Waismann Treatment the best drug detox center in the U.S.

  • Detox Treatment in a private room at a full-service, JCAHO-accredited hospital with access to several medical experts to ensure patient safety.
  • Private rooms that allow close monitoring, individualized attention, extra comfort, and privacy — we never treat patients side by side in the same room, which further differentiates us from other rapid detox centers.
  • Quadruple board-certified medical director. Expert in addiction medicine, pain management, and anesthesiology.
  • A longstanding reputation for superior medical care and exceptional results
  • Thousands of patients were successfully treated in our treatment center.
  • Multiple medically-assisted opiate treatments, in addition to rapid detox.
  • Around-the-clock professional supervision.
  • Inpatient hospital stay for 2-3 days and post-detox care at our private recovery center for 2-7 days included — we also can provide continued inpatient care to ensure the comfort and well-being of the patient.
  • Integrative recovery therapies to improve the physical and emotional healing period after opioid treatment, such as massage, acupuncture, yoga, and Tai Chi
  • Additional weeks of individual follow-up psychotherapy
  • Food, lodging, transportation, and around the clock support

Because opiate and alcohol withdrawal can lead to medical complications, treatment by a board-certified M.D. is pertinent.
Look for a center that has a certification from the American Board of Addiction Medicine. 

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