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Suboxone Withdrawal Symptoms, Treatment and Detox Options

Suboxone Withdrawal

  Suboxone Withdrawal Suboxone withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant and challenging because it is a powerful opioid with a very long half-life. Opioid dependency is a severe condition that requires professional medical guidance. Suboxone is the brand name of a medication that contains buprenorphine and naloxone. It is considered a Schedule III narcotic in the […]

Choosing the Best Drug or Alcohol Treatment

Drug or Alcohol Treatment Programs

Before you decide on a course of treatment, consider your basic mental and physical health needs. Explore all available options and remember, knowledge is your best friend.

Suboxone Detox And Pregnancy

Bearing a child can be a wonderful, but scary adventure that may be complicated if you are taking Suboxone by prescription and if you’re dependent upon it. Suboxone detox and pregnancy is not always a good combination. Speak to a doctor to determine the course of action that is right for you and your unborn […]

How to Get off Suboxone – Suboxone Detox

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How to Get Off Suboxone? To get off Suboxone on your own is usually not as easy as most people think. Doctors frequently prescribe Suboxone in the treatment of opiate addiction. However, some people may have trouble getting off of it as well. It contains buprenorphine, an opioid medication, and naloxone, which blocks the effects […]

Suboxone and Subutex : The Facts You Should Know


About the Buprenorphine in Suboxone and Subutex Suboxone and Subutex contain Buprenorphine. Like Heroin, OxyContin, Morphine, and Codeine, Buprenorphine is an opiate drug made from an extract of the opium poppy plant, Papaver somniferum. Some drug addiction professionals prescribe Buprenorphine to replace the existing opiate of choice. This is to help drug-dependent patients delay withdrawal […]

Suboxone Addiction And Families

The rollercoaster ride of suboxone addiction can take people to the very depths of despair. Watching a loved one go through this can be equally as difficult. And while patients make attempts at recovery, it’s important that loved ones do the same. The friends and families of addicts are often overlooked in the recovery process […]

Suboxone Detox Symptoms

Suboxone detox symptoms can be extremely difficult to get through, without proper supervision of a medical professional. Without this, many patients return to use. Suboxone is an opiate and withdrawal symptoms mimic those of other opiates. If a patient attempts to stop using Suboxone abruptly, intense withdrawal symptoms will occur. It’s recommended that patients gradually […]

Suboxone Detox Possible Complications

When a person is addicted to Suboxone, they may not show obvious symptoms, unless they skip a dose and is beginning to go through withdrawal. Suboxone detox can be hard on the toughest of patients. This narcotic medication, used to treat opiate addiction, can be extremely difficult to get off regardless of the dose. Suboxone […]

Suboxone Detox Center

The Right Suboxone Detox Center   Choosing the best Suboxone detox center, is giant step toward long-term recovery. Suboxone is usually prescribed for the treatment of opiate addiction but causes dependency issues in a number of people who takes it. Suboxone Detox, is viewed by many in the medical community as the standard of treatment […]

Suboxone Detox Types

The very drug prescribed to treat opiate addiction could lead to the need for detox. Suboxone is an opiate-based medication used to treat addiction to drugs such as heroin and OxyContin. What was once seen as a promising treatment has become a problem for a number of people. Long-term use seems to be encouraged – […]