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Roxycontin Treatment

“Roxycontin” is not actually a medication but rather the name sometimes used on the street to refer to OxyContin or the name mistakenly used to refer to another opiate medication, oxycodone. Both of these prescription drugs contain oxycodone and are used to manage pain.

Roxycontin addiction is a serious problem that requires treatment to detox patients safely and comfortably. They have the potential to be habit-forming, leading to the development of tolerance, physical and psychological dependence, addiction, and a potentially complicated withdrawal. The right treatment plan will address withdrawal which for most patients is the most difficult phase of recovery.

Waismann Method offers premiere detox for Roxycontin (OxyContin), Roxicodone, and oxycodone addiction. Most of our patients don’t intend to develop prescription painkiller addiction. These medications can cause tolerance, and patients often begin to accelerate use at this point. Treatment for opiate addiction can include several therapies and services designed to address the physical and psychological aspects of dependency.

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Individualized Detox and Aftercare Offered with Waismann Method’s Roxycontin Treatment

“Roxycontin” treatment can include detox, rehab, faith-based therapies, and programs based on the 12 Steps. Waismann Method’s “Roxycontin” treatment offers comprehensive medical detox, extensive medical testing, around-the-clock aftercare, and the option for transitional living. Our detox addresses physical dependence, and underlying psychological or emotional issues can be explored in our Domus Retreat aftercare facility. Our programs are individualized because we realize no two patients – or their problems – are the same. Our professional staff prides itself on offering the most compassionate and supportive services for patients who are never made to feel guilty or shameful.

Our main goal is to help patients rebuild their worth, self-esteem, and their lives. Because many patients fear an intense, painful, and potentially degrading detox, they oftentimes delay seeking help for “Roxycontin” addiction. Our management of withdrawal helps ease patients into recovery in a safe, comfortable manner.

Rapid Opiate Detox by Waismann Method Accelerates and Minimizes a Painful Withdrawal

In less than two hours, Waismann Method can eradicate “Roxycontin” addiction with our in-hospital detox. We’ve offered opiate detox for more than a decade and have treated thousands of patients from around the world. We are known for our safe, effective, and discreet opiate treatment that uses intravenous medication to cleanse the drugs from patients’ opiate receptors. This takes less than two hours, and patients are lightly sedated under deep sedation during this time. When they awaken, patients are not consciously aware that they experienced an accelerated withdrawal. This means that symptoms such as nausea, strong drug cravings, and body aches develop and pass while they are under sedation.

Being able to skip a long, painful withdrawal essentially gives patients the resolve to move forward in recovery and focus on their total wellness. Our total hospital stay is 2 to 4 days. Afterward, patients can return home or choose to extend their recovery at our Domus Retreat.

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