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Poppy Tea Addiction

Help is available for people suffering from addiction to poppy tea or other opiates. This can be a painful and degrading condition that affects every aspect of life. Addiction can jeopardize health, relationships, careers and lives. Poppy tea is brewed with the seeds or pods of the poppy plant and can be used for pain relief, to stop diarrhea and for its psychoactive effects.

Occasional use of poppy tea can escalate quickly, especially once a tolerance develops. When this happens, users of poppy tea may begin to take higher and higher doses to achieve effects. One of the biggest problems with poppy tea is that the concentration in the ingredients can be unpredictable.

There have been documented cases of people suffering poppy tea overdose after consuming an amount they were used to taking. Depending on how it’s brewed, the tea can vary in strength and is very dangerous because it can cause morphine intoxication that can be deadly. Regular use can lead quickly to addiction.

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Despite Being Considered “All-Natural,” Poppy Tea is Very Dangerous

Young people can be especially susceptible to trying and having problems with poppy tea. Poppies can be found in flower and craft stores around the country and poppy seeds are in grocery stores everywhere. Because of this, some people make the dangerous assumption that this “all-natural” concoction is safe.

Poppy tea’s ability to cause addiction is no different than other opiates such as OxyContin, Lortab, Norco, Percocet and Demerol. This means it also shares a common opiate withdrawal syndrome with other opiates. Poppy tea withdrawal can be very intense emotionally and physically. Signs of addiction will vary from person to person but can include the presence of withdrawal once you try to stop using poppy tea. Other signs can include escalating use, preoccupation with obtaining and consuming the drug, and increasingly risky behaviors in relation to getting or consuming the tea.

Poppy Tea Addiction Treatment

Poppy tea addiction can be eradicated in less than two hours with Waismann Method®‘s rapid opiate detox. Our program begins with in-hospital medical tests to determine whether there are any underlying medical issues at play. Detox is then performed by our professional medical staff in a private ICU room of a full-service, JCAHO-accredited hospital. An intravenous medication is used to cleanse opiates from patients’ opiate receptors.

Patients are resting lightly under general deep sedation during this procedure, which speeds up withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms, including strong cravings, vomiting, shaking and body pain, develop and pass while patients are sedated and they’re unaware they experienced it upon awakening.

We ask that patients make a commitment to us for at least a week, which is much less time than most opiate detox facilities. Once patients are discharged, they transition to our Domus Retreat. The Retreat is a private recovery and aftercare facility where patients regain their physical strength under the supervision and assistance of our caring staff and therapists. Waismann Detox™ programs are known for their safe, compassionate and discreet approach to opiate detox.

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