oxycontin-addictionOxyContin addiction can be described as a compulsive behavior in rewarding stimuli despite negative consequences, which can be debilitating in so many ways. The potent narcotic pain reliever is usually used to treat moderate to severe pain and should be used with caution. OxyContin ® is among the most abused prescription drugs on the market.

OxyContin ® addiction can be defined as compulsive use that leads to physical and/or psychological dependence. Also, OxyContin ® addiction could be caused by long term intake of OxyContin ®. Opiate dependence can be marked by withdrawal symptoms if use is stopped abruptly. Researchers suggest physical and emotional addiction can occur when repeated use alters reward pathways in the brain and behavior patterns. The good news is that there are safe, medically-monitored, programs available to help with opiate detoxification.

Signs of OxyContin Addiction

Stopping OxyContin abruptly can cause withdrawal symptoms to set in quickly, a sure sign of physical addiction. The physical and psychological discomfort of withdrawal and cravings is one of the main reasons people delay seeking treatment for an opiate addiction.

Symptoms and signs of OxyContin addiction, may include:

  • Neglecting responsibilities
  • Taking unnecessary risks while under the influence
  • Doctor shopping
  • Engaging in secretive behaviors
  • Deterioration of appearance and grooming habits
  • Sudden outbursts
  • Unexplained change in personality
  • Life revolving on acquiring and consuming drugs
  • Slurred speech or impaired coordination

Getting help for OxyContin Addiction

Recognizing and accepting there is a problem is usually the first step to recovery. This first phase can take a tremendous amount of strength and courage, but is crucial in order for healing to begin.

Reach for help, seek support from loved ones and/or a professional. Facing addiction can be frightening and overwhelming, and is much easier when you have someone you can depend on for encouragement and support.

The second phase should be choosing the right drug treatment program. First focus on the individual emotional and physical needs in order to identify an effective OxyContin treatment. Remember that everyone’s needs are different. A quality treatment program should be able to offer multiple options in order to accommodate patients’ requirements.

Make sure the detox facility is properly licensed, and most importantly confirm that the treating physician has the proper training, experience and certifications in order to provide first-rate care. Individuals progress through OxyContin addiction treatment program at various rates, so there should be no exact or predetermined type and length of treatment to fit all. Research has rapidity shown that good outcomes are contingent on adequate assessment and treatment length.

Waismann Method of Medical and Rapid Detox for OxyContin ®

The Waismann Method® of rapid detox and medical opiate detox has saved thousands of people from their addictions to opiate painkillers including OxyContin ® . The world-renowned drug detox program has attracted press and high acclaim, all because of its remarkable success rate in treating opiate dependence and prescription drug addiction.

Waismann Method offers a premiere in-patient OxyContin ® treatment program that is administered in a fully-accredited hospital exclusively in Orange County, CA. Patients are admitted to their private rooms and monitored for a few days around the clock by medical professionals. While some choose the rapid detox approach, others may have modified versions in order to detox comfortably and effectively. Most patients seeks our Anesthesia assisted opiate detoxification process that allows the withdrawal syndrome to occur within hours instead of days while comfortably sleeping. Once patients wake up, they are no longer physically opiate dependent and they are unaware of the OxyContin withdrawal that occurred during the procedure.

What sets our program apart from the drug programs is the humane way we view and approach drug addiction. Patients are treated as unique individuals. We take into account underlying issues, special needs and individual risk factors in order to provide the best OxyContin treatment available.