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Xodol Precautions

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Xodol is a narcotic painkiller that combines hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It’s used to treat moderate to severe pain and while it can be taken safely, certain precautions need to be followed. Acetaminophen is a non-narcotic pain reliever that carries its own risks. At high doses, it can cause liver damage so it’s important for patients to know if acetaminophen is in any other medications they’re taking. Hydrocodone is a narcotic painkiller derived from opium. This and other opiates can be habit forming so it’s important that patients read directions on use carefully. Xodol is susceptible to abuse and illegal diversion. Using it recreationally or in any way that goes against instructions is extremely dangerous. Taking it over a long period of time can lead to physical and psychological dependence. Xodol slows down the central nervous system so mixing it with other substances that have this effect can be fateful. These include alcohol, other opiates, sedatives, hypnotics, tranquilizers and antidepressants.

Specific Concerns Involving the Use of Xodol

People who are elderly or debilitated may be more sensitive to the drug’s effects so they should be cautious when taking Xodol and other opiates. Xodol may slow reaction times and cause drowsiness. People who need to drive or operate machinery should do so with caution because of this. Patients who have any of the following medical conditions may not be able to take Xodol: a history of drug or alcohol abuse; head injury; lung, liver or kidney disorders; Addison’s disease; underactive thyroid; and enlarged prostate. One of the biggest concerns regarding the use of Xodol and other opiates is their ability to lead to tolerance and physical and psychological dependence. Xodol use can become habitual once a tolerance develops and pain relief can’t be achieved without taking more and more. A Xodol dependence can be treated quickly and effectively with Waismann Method based in southern California.

Quick Medical Detox Eases Patients Through Xodol Withdrawal

Our medical detox can be completed within two hours, using a cutting-edge procedure to wipe out opiate addiction. We reverse opiate dependency once and for all. This is achieved through a detoxification that manages withdrawal, which can be severe with opiates. Our detox uses intravenous and oral medication in our hospital procedure to cleanse the Xodol from patients’ opiate receptors. During this, patients are sleeping lightly under general deep sedation and awaken a short time later. When they do, they aren’t consciously aware that they have already experienced withdrawal. Our procedure accelerates withdrawal and symptoms develop and pass while patients are sedated. Our procedure helps patients through this transition with safety and comfort. And we don’t stop there. We monitor patients closely and never prescribe potentially addicting opiate replacements such as Suboxone or methadone to wean them. Our total hospital stay is 3 to 5 days. We also have transitional care through our Domus Retreat aftercare facility. Patients can extend recovery here with therapies including massage, biofeedback and counseling.

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