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Vicodin Addiction Facts

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In most communities, addiction is hitting closer and closer to home. Most people don’t need to go to the nearest street corner or a seedy part of town. Many don’t have to look farther than their own medicine cabinet. The type of drug addiction that’s sweeping the nation these days is prescription drugs, namely opiates.
Drugs such as Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet seem to make the news daily. People are becoming addicted to these meds in record numbers, and officials are struggling to halt the epidemic. Vicodin, which treats moderate to severe pain, can be useful for pain management. However, it can be habit forming, especially if taken in high dosages, for a prolonged period or misused in other ways.

Here are some Vicodin addiction facts, that are important to note:

  • The societal cost of this type of addiction is staggering when you factor in healthcare costs, accidents, lost wages and crimes such as theft, Medicare fraud, prescription fraud and drug trafficking.
  • Vicodin addiction doesn’t discriminate. People of all genders, ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds can be affected.
  • Vicodin is often abused in conjunction with other substances such as alcohol and other narcotics. This is a deadly combination that can lead to suppression of the central nervous system. People can stop breathing and suffer a fatal opiate overdose.
  • Past trauma, such as physical or sexual abuse, is often a factor when it comes to Vicodin addiction and abuse.
  • Vicodin addiction means a person has become both physically and psychologically dependent.
  • It can be extremely dangerous for a person to stop taking Vicodin abruptly once addicted.
  • Most people can benefit greatly from Vicodin detox, if performed in a medical facility staffed by professionals.

Early Treatment Is Important But Even Those Deemed “Far Gone” Have Hope
Some people explore options including opiate replacement therapy with Suboxone or Methadone. But this can be a long-term therapy that can result in a second opiate dependency. Others check into inpatient detox facilities, where a combination of medication and therapy is used to treat the addiction.
Catching the addiction as soon as possible is essential to avoid complications including Vicodin overdose. A very promising option that more people are turning to is rapid detox. Waismann Method Treatment offers rapid detox in the safety of an accredited Southern California hospital.
Over the course of a few days, patients are medically detox in a full service accredited hospital. Discomfort is minimal or not an issue because withdrawal is accelerated and patients are usually sedated through it. Aftercare is inclusive for a few days at our recovery center, Domus Retreat. Effective and humane recovery is possible with Waismann Method Vicodin Detox.

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