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Top 7 Things That Can Happen Due to an Opiate Addiction

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As you read this list, please bear in mind the intention of the article is not to judge, but merely bring notice to parts of a person’s life that are affected by addiction to painkillers or heroin. If you are battling an addiction problem or know someone who is, it is always advisable to seek professional help.

1. The Highs are not long enough, and the Lows are too Long

As your body begins to tolerate the drug, a real “high” or that feeling of satisfaction gets harder and harder to achieve. Taking more pills does not bring it closer, in fact, it makes it farther away. The result of this is a depression. In other words, those reducing moments of euphoria are not worth the increasing stretches of depression and anxiety that follow the next dose.

2. Your work or school is affected

Taking opiates or painkillers has an adverse effect on your logical thought processes and ultimately affects your ability to perform. When you take painkillers, you may experience a rush of energy and what appears like “focus.” However, it is not any of those; it is more like an “inhibition.” Eventually, it will take a toll on your work, and you find out your productivity is not half as good as when you are sober.

3. The good memories seem to fade

For most people, they begin to experience short-term memory loss. Research proves that opiates affect cognitive and executive brain functions, so this is not far-fetched. There have been cases where people watched a movie only to wake up the next morning without remembering how it ended or what it was about. In other aspects, an opiate addiction tends to diminish the good memories in bits.

4. Your children notice and are concerned

Children feed off energy from adults, especially those that influence them directly. They take cues from your moods and are sensitive to your happy and excited moments. They also notice when you are moody and depressed. There is a study on its effect on parenting. Even small chores, but significant ones as reading them bedtime stories, can be tough while under an opiate influence.

5. Your friends miss you

A person with a pill addiction tends to push things and relationships aside, including long-time friendships. It is possible that you no longer spend as much time with your close pals, or even care for their feelings as before.Opiate abuse can make you emotional absent to those who love you.

6. You slowly lose your passions

Are you passionate about anything? People who used to love gardening, painting, reading novels or spending time with friends, might simply lose the pleasure they use to experience. That is because their priority is focused on acquiring and taking opiates and everything else becomes secondary.

7. Mood Swings- The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde effect

Opiates affect the neurotransmitters that control mood centers (dopamine and serotonin) in the brain. While taking a pill may stimulate a temporary feeling of euphoria, on the other downside, it brings with it a fine dose of frustration, depression, and anxiety. These sudden mood swings make a person unpleasant to be around. Drugs have a way of messing with your mind, and making a person a loner within a short time.

It does not just end there

After all, it does not just end there. The good news is that a good number of opiate users are freed of their addiction every day. It might not be easy, though it will take self-determination, control and willingness from you. Eventually, it will be worth every step. Sometimes the hardest part is getting used to life on lives terms; learning to cope with negative feeling without the assistance of a numbing device.
It is also advisable to speak with a medical professional regarding your dependence and the best detox options available. It would be great to be able to spend more time with your children, indulge in your passions or reconnect with long lost friends once again wouldn’t it? Choose a healthy and happy journey. Choose a better you!

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