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Poppy Tea Rehab

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Waismann Method Poppy Tea Rehab

Many people who become dependent upon poppy tea have to seek professional services to detox and rehabilitate. Rehab is a general term used to describe the programs and services offered to treat addiction. Poppy tea is a dangerous and potentially deadly concoction people brew themselves, often in the pursuit of a high. Some may use poppy tea, which contains opiates, to suppress pain.
The tea is brewed from the pods or seeds of the poppy plant. Depending on the facility, rehab can include detox, therapy, group meetings, abstinence education, 12-Step programs or faith-based initiatives. Waismann Method offers a comprehensive medical detox to rid patients quickly of their addiction to poppy tea. Consumption of poppy tea can easily and quickly become habitual, meaning patients will escalate their use as they become physically and/or psychologically dependent.
Opiate addiction requires detox to ensure patient safety as they begin to withdrawal from the drugs. Opiates such as poppy tea cause an often-painful withdrawal once regular use is stopped. Waismann Method® professionally handles withdrawal to ease patients’ fears and physical pain of withdrawal.

Suffering Ends Quickly With Waismann Method’s Poppy Tea Rehab

Many rehab facilities require that patients make long-term commitments to a certain program. This can mean it will take patients weeks, months, even years, to recover completely. We know our patients have family and career obligations to return to so we’ve designed a program that can get them back on their feet quickly. Other facilities may rely on opiate replacement therapy with drugs such as Suboxone or methadone in their rehab programs.
Waismann Method® does not. These places may have good intentions but fall short using opiates to treat opiate addiction. Some people benefit from these medications but many develop a second dependency and need another detox. Another thing that sets Waismann Detox™ apart is the humane and compassionate way we approach addiction. We are all about uplifting our patients, not tearing them down or making them relive the past. Opiate addiction usually involves a good deal of suffering. Our goal is to end that pain altogether.

Let Waismann Method Get You Opiate-Free in Less Than Two Hours

Making the decision to seek help for opiate addiction can be freeing. Choosing the right program is so important and can mean the difference between recovery and relapse. Waismann Method provides detox that begins in the hospital with intravenous medication, used to cleanse opiates from patients’ receptors. They rest under deep sedation during the procedure and aren’t aware that an accelerated withdrawal played out while they were sedated.
Our ability to minimize withdrawal puts us ahead in our field and puts patients a step ahead in their recovery. Patients who don’t have to suffer the pain and degradation of withdrawal are able to get better quicker and avoid relapse. Our procedure lasts less than two hours and patients’ total stay is 2 to 4 days. Once discharged, they can decide to return home opiate-free or transition in our Domus Retreat.

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