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How to Choose the Best Opium Rehab Treatment Center

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Opium rehab may be a necessary step for patients trying to recover from their addiction. Not all opium rehab facilities offer comprehensive treatment for this complex condition so it’s important to research options. Opium is a powerful opiate (narcotic) drug that comes from the opium poppy plant. It is also synthesized to make opiate prescription medications including OxyContin, Actiq, Lorcet, methadone, Vicodin and Demerol. Rehabilitation is the set of programs and services available to help patients get better after suffering some type of addiction. Regular or prolonged use of opium can cause patients to develop a tolerance, meaning the drug’s effects become diminished and increasingly larger doses must be taken. All opiates have the potential to be highly addicting so they should be used with care. Physical addiction brings with it a painful withdrawal period that can make it difficult for people to detox on their own.
Opium Rehab Options

Medical management of withdrawal is so important because it gives patients a stress-free way to detox and keep their dignity in the process. Not all opium rehabs center concentrate on comfort and privacy; actually some believe suffering can bring recovery. Others offer both an inpatient and outpatient treatment, sometimes faith-based and often centered around the 12Step model.
Rehab for opium abuse is a serious matter, that should be well though of. Our staff  have been trained in the importance of patient privacy, safety and comfort. Waismann Method Medical Group offers a comprehensive treatment, with a partial hospitalization stay followed by an exclusive and intimate recovery retreat.
Our medical opium treatment utilizes intravenous medication to cleanse the drug from patients’ opiate receptors. This occurs while patients are sedated in their private room under medical supervision. We have succeeded to replace the traditional and tired opium rehab methods with effective  medical forms of opium detoxification. Our exclusive location is  based in Southern California, where we receive patients from all over the world. By focusing in one location, we have been able to offer world class services and maintain our position as the leader of medical opium detox services in the world. Our private hospital and recovery retreat, is backed by almost 20 year of experience, dedication and superior medical care.
What we offer:

Our opium rehab is unique in many ways, including the compassionate and humane way we approach opiate addiction. Our main goal is to detox patients thoroughly, in a way that eliminates fear and suffering. We’re not interested in pointing fingers or making patients feel guilty or shameful about their condition. We also don’t obligate patients for weeks or months. We offer 5, 7, 10 and 14 days inpatient programs based on each patient unique needs.
Opium Rehab programs may require ongoing attendance at meetings or therapy sessions, and rehab itself could be very long-term. Waismann Method is well known in the field of opiate rehabilitation because of our rapid treatment, success and safety standards. Our procedure is performed in the safety of an accredited hospital and patients are cared for around the clock. We monitor our patients thoroughly and make sure our program is discreet. We tailor our programs for each person. This is because we know everyone is different and we want to treat the individual, as well as the opium addiction.
Opium Rehab does not have to be long, painful or shameful anymore. You indeed have the power to overcome your opium addiction today.

Get help today by calling 1-800-423-2482 to receive important information about opium rehab centers and the extensive amount of quality services we provide for you.

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