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Methadone Addiction and Family

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It’s never easy to watch a loved one suffer through the ravages of opiate addiction. Oftentimes, family and close friends feel conflicting and often contradictory feelings about this. On one hand, many relatives and friends feel a sense of compassion, knowing their loved one isn’t fully in control of his or her actions. On the other hand, this realization can bring a great amount of anger, guilt, distrust, betrayal and even disgust.
Loved ones are entitled to their reaction but it’s important to know that there is help that can reverse this problem and restore misdirected lives. Denial is also fairly common among people closest to those who are dependent upon drugs. It’s hard to believe that someone you know so well could get caught up in such a mess.
Methadone is an extremely potent narcotic that has analgesic properties. It’s most often used in methadone maintenance programs. People who enroll in this program are given a controlled dosage of methadone to treat an existing addiction to drugs such as OxyContin and heroin. The drawback is that this opiate medication can also cause dependence.

What You Need To Know

Opiate addiction can be devastating for families. One of the most important things to know is that your loved one can’t just quit. He or she may have tried – many times – and been overwhelmed by withdrawal symptoms. The cravings and sickness that make up opiate withdrawal syndrome can be unbearable. Many people will literally do whatever they have to in order to get more – including stealing and lying.
It’s important to do all you can to inform yourself about the nature of Methadone addiction. It can be insidious. Most people who fall into this trap aren’t bad people. They don’t necessarily lack morals or willpower. They have simply been overpowered and can’t get out from underneath it.
Although it may be difficult, try to be supportive. People who have a support system in place are more likely to seek and succeed with opiate treatment. Enabling any sort of questionable behavior is not wise, for this can push a loved one further in the wrong direction. It’s possible to stay firm and set limits without coming across as harsh or judgmental.
Please know that Methadone addiction is serious. Just because a doctor prescribes it doesn’t make it less dangerous than other forms of addiction. Remember – heroin is an opiate and you’ve likely heard what heroin recovery is like. This is no different.
Many family members find it helpful to get therapy themselves while their loved ones is recovering. This can help them explore feelings and find ways to cope during the difficult times. Support groups can also be tremendously beneficial because there are plenty of people out there who can identify with what you’re going through.
If you have a loved one addicted to Methadone or other opiates, hang in there. With the right opiate treatment, you and your loved ones can soon be in a much better place.

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