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Buying Opiates Without a Prescription

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Medical background of many white capsule tablets or pills on the table - concept for buying opiates without a prescription

Opiates are a powerful class of drugs that potentially can cause a physical dependency to develop. Prescription opiates include OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin. Doctors prescribe these to treat pain. In addition to analgesia, opiates have a pleasurable effect for many people and can cause a sense of euphoria. This makes them easy targets for misuse, abuse, and diversion. Several online websites offer opiates for sale but not all are what they seem. Customers should always look thoroughly into a website before buying anything online. Customers who need opiates for legitimate illness or injury can buy these drugs online safely and securely if they do their homework. Some people purchase drugs from questionable sites because they are abusing them or addicted.

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Do Your Homework: How to Spot a Legitimate Online Pharmacy

Many websites claim to offer opiates for sale but you can never be sure of what you’re getting. Some sites are not pharmacies and offer counterfeit or out-of-date opiates. In order to be safe and to stay within the law, it’s important that customers make sure the website they’re dealing with is legitimate. A licensed U.S. pharmacy operating online will adhere to FDA regulations, will always ask for a prescription and will have contact information including an address and telephone number. You should avoid any site offering only an email address. Customers should also make sure they have access to a pharmacist if they have questions.

Possible Complications From Buying Opiates Online

Serious complications can arise if people take opiates that are counterfeit. Some online sites sell dangerous products that could lead to serious side effects, even overdose. Others may sell bogus or outdated medications. Some of these drugs have even been tested and show no trace of the active ingredient they claim to contain. There is also no way to tell if the dosage you are getting is the correct one. This can cause serious problems including inadequate pain relief and overdose. Opiates bought online may be too strong or not strong enough; expired; made with dangerous ingredients; not checked for safety and effectiveness according to U.S. standards; and may not be labeled, shipped or stored correctly. Some sites are risky because they may not protect your private information. There have also been incidents of customers paying for medication they never received.

Opiate Addiction Treatment in Less than a Week

Buying opiates from questionable sites online can indicate a problem with abuse or addiction. Waismann detox treats opiate addiction quickly and privately. Our safe, medical detoxification is performed in a full-service hospital with the support of a medical team, making the process an effective approach to combating opiate addiction. Furthermore, programs like the Waismann Method offer Individualized assessment and treatment plans to match patients with the detox protocol that will put them on the path to a successful recovery.

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