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Aftercare: Choosing the Right Option

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One of the most difficult steps to overcoming opiate addiction is making the commitment to a treatment program. However it is critical not to overlook the importance of aftercare options once treatment has completed. Statistics show that one year following conventional detoxification methods the vast majority of patients have relapsed.  This can be devastating as the patient’s hard work in combatting dependency is lost, and the process of detoxification starts from the beginning again. Some patients can also enter a vicious cycle of treatment and relapse. For these reasons aftercare is extremely important, and should be considered as, if not more important, as the treatment itself.
Most traditional opiate rehab treatments administer an identical aftercare option to all patients. Unfortunately, aftercare is not a one-size-fits-all program, and what works for one patient will most likely not work for another. Taking this cookie-cutter approach to aftercare can have grave consequences as mentioned earlier by providing a gateway to relapse in many cases.
In order to ensure the best aftercare treatment possible, The Waismann Method combined with Domus Retreat is a cutting-edge approach that creates an individual, customized aftercare program specific to each patient’s unique needs.  This gives our medical staff an opportunity to truly get to know the patients and make an educated assessment about their needs, what they are comfortable with, and what type of aftercare will give them the greatest chances for success and avoiding relapse. One issue that’s given great consideration is making sure the aftercare plan provides the patient with strength in facing situations that may trigger relapse once returning to “real life.”  In addition, while some aftercare programs attempt to break patients down and then “build them back up,” the aftercare program at Domus Retreat works with each patient closely to help reinforce their mental and physical states so they are well equipped to make the right choices and stay sober after leaving the facility and returning to everyday life.
Domus Retreat is located in the lush Orange County hills in California. Domus means “home” in Latin, and provides all of the comforts of home in a large, cozy house situated in a secluded residential neighborhood for peace and serenity.  Patients who stay at Domus receive around-the-clock pampering and relaxation including individual massages, physical training, and psychotherapy to aid recovery and the transition to living without physical drug dependency. At Domus Retreat there are no hospital beds or unpleasant antiseptic odors – instead we offer beautifully-decorated and spacious bedrooms, three fireplaces, and lush landscaping around the entire property. Our chefs also prepare delicious and familiar “comfort foods” for all who stay at Domus.
If you have questions about a treatment or aftercare program for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to consult your medical professional or contact us directly for more information and guidance.

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