MS Contin, the controlled-release version of morphine sulfate, a potent narcotic painkiller, can bring with it many side effects, some which can be quite unpleasant. It’s important for patients to read the instructions on use to know which side effects they may experience when taking MS Contin. Not all patients who take the drug will have the same side effects. For some, effects could set in quickly. For others, the onset may be . This can depend on factors including how an individual metabolizes the drug and whether any other medications or substances are taken in combination. MS Contin is used to treat moderate to severe, around-the-clock pain. It’s recommended that only opiate-tolerant patients begin therapy with MS Contin. The drug can be habit-forming and lead to the development of tolerance, physical and psychological dependence, overdose and the need for medical detox. It is also considered a drug of abuse.

Common Side Effects and Serious Complications with MS Contin

Taking MS Contin, a central nervous system depressant, with other substances that have this effect could magnify side effects. Taking it with alcohol could result in severe side effects, even death. Other drugs may affect the severity of MS Contin side effects. It can be taken safely but should be done so according to specific instructions on use. Taking more MS Contin than what’s prescribed, or more often than prescribed, can lead to serious health problems. Common side effects reported include constipation, insomnia, memory loss, dizziness, anxiety, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, loss of appetite and warm or tingling skin. More serious side effects to watch for include: shallow breathing or heart rate, cold or clammy skin, confusion, seizures, severe weakness, severe dizziness, lightheadedness or fainting. Emergency medical attention should be sought for these signs of allergic reaction: difficult breathing, hives or swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat.

Safe, Comfortable and Confidential MS Contin Detox

Regular use of MS Contin can lead to addiction. Many people delay seeking help because they fear withdrawal. With the Waismann Method of Rapid Detox, withdrawal can be medically managed to maximize safety, comfort and results. Our team of doctors, therapists and addiction and recovery specialists work with anesthesiologists to individualize drug detox programs for each of our patients. Our discreet in-hospital procedure uses intravenous medication to cleanse patients’ opiate receptors. Our highly successful and humane treatment can reverse opiate addiction in a matter of days, getting you back on your feet quicker than other drug detox programs.

The professionals at the exclusive Waismann Method have built a world renowned medical treatment based  upon the knowledge, researchers and almost two decades of experience. The goal was to provide the safest and most effective therapeutic infrastructure possible, without the unnecessary Ms Contin side effects.  In addition, to our multi-board certified medical director, we utilize a private accredited hospital that has access to all medical resources and specialists . The total required time commitment is usually five to seven days of inpatient care, which includes the hospital phase and post-detox retreat to ensure safety and effectiveness of the process. This is all part of our rigorous-protocol and is what sets us apart from other opiate detox treatment programs.

Post-detox care is provided in our exclusive Domus Retreat after-care facility. Domus means “home”, and corresponds well with the level of comfort and care that you will receive here. All of these services, facilities and professionals combine to make the Waismann Method Rapid Detox Center the most complete and safest rapid detox protocol available worldwide