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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Vow to Help Son Chet Hanks

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Clare Waismann of the Waismann Method was quoted in Closer Weekly article, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Vow to Do Whatever They Can to Help Son Chet Hanks:

Afterward, Chet seemed to be taking his sobriety seriously, even joining his family, younger brother Truman, 19, and older step-siblings, Colin, 37, and Elizabeth, 33, at Rita’s bedside after her breast cancer surgery. “Even though Chet put them through some difficulties, the whole family rallied,” says the friend. But it wasn’t long before Chet was back in trouble, which doesn’t surprise addiction specialist Clare Waismann. “Most drug abusers are self-medicating feelings of stress,” she explains. “Any form of extreme stress, like a parent’s illness, could be cause for a relapse.”

Source: Closer Weekly

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