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Lorcet Addiction

Lorcet addiction: Lorcet is a semi-synthetic opioid derived from codeine and thebaine, both opiates that are naturally occurring. The brand name for the combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, Lorcet is an analgesic and cough suppressant. Hydrocodone is prescribed in combination with acetaminophen and marketed under several generic and brand names including Vicodin, Norco and Lortab. Hydrocodone-containing products have the potential to lead to tolerance, dependence and addiction. Hydrocodone derivatives are among the most widely prescribed opiates, so it’s no wonder cases of addiction are being reported more often. Lorcet is considered a Schedule II Controlled Substance in the U.S.

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Lorcet Addiction Tolerance, Misuse and Withdrawal

Used to treat moderate to severe pain, Lorcet addiction can lead to tolerance, meaning the recommended prescribed dosage is no longer capable of treating the pain. An overdose of acetaminophen can cause liver damage so users are urged to check all medications they are taking to determine if they also contain the drug. Illegal diversion and abuse of hydrocodone-containing products has escalated in recent years. Prescription drug addiction is a big problem around the world, due in large part to the availability of the drugs through both legal and illicit means. An addiction to Lorcet can be characterized by chronic and escalating use and strong drug cravings. Addiction can be both physical and psychological in nature. An obvious sign of physical addiction is the onset of withdrawal symptoms once use is cut back or stopped suddenly. These symptoms can include agitation, muscle and bone pain, insomnia, restlessness, diarrhea, vomiting, other flu-like symptoms and involuntary leg movements.

Detox from Lorcet the Safe and Humane Way

A Lorcet addiction should be treated in a medically-assisted facility to maximize safety and minimize painful withdrawal and other risks. The right detox program will address the physical and psychological aspects of Lorcet addiction. The Waismann Method of rapid detox is a renowned rapid detox program that insists on treating patients with the utmost respect and sensitivity. The safe, humane treatment for hydrocodone detox can rid patients of their addiction within days. Performed in a hospital setting, the detox also helps to medically manage withdrawal symptoms without the use of other opiates. The safety and success ratings of the procedure are unparalleled. Patients experiencing opiate dependency or other prescription drug addiction can also take advantage of our Domus Retreat facility where the addiction can be explored further. Spa services are offered and individual treatment programs are available to our guests. Users should not attempt to detox from Lorcet without medical intervention. With the Waismann Method of rapid Lorcet detox, you are never alone in your quest for recovery.

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