Hydrocodone DetoxThe Waismann Method Has been providing the most effective Hydrocodone Detox, for two decades.

Prescription medications containing Hydrocodone can be habit-forming, leading to the need for medical detox. Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opiate (narcotic) which provides pain relief and cough suppression. It’s also available in capsules, tablets and liquid form and it is the main active ingredient in a number of prescription painkillers. The most common drugs containing hydrocodone are Vicodin, Lorcet, Lortab, Norco, Tussionex, and Vicoprofen.

Opioid drugs bind to the receptors in the brain and central nervous system. They also act as a central nervous system depressant, reducing breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and even decreasing body temperature. Hence, when someone is dependent on a hydrocodone-based painkiller, the sudden cessation can have distressing consequences as the brain and body work in twice as hard to adapt. Therefore, it is not recommended to stop taking hydrocodone without the adequate medical supervision and guidance.


Hydrocodone Withdrawal Symptoms

Hydrocodone detox can be painful and often requires medical assistance.  Side effects of hydrocodone withdrawal can range from mild to moderate and in some cases, they can be severe. Moreover, the length and intensity of the symptoms differs from person to person. The length of time since an individual took the opioid drug, the dosage amount and exact formulation also makes a difference in the withdrawal syndrome.
Lastly, medical or mental health issues may also change how long the withdrawal will last, as the whole metabolism tries to restore itself to where it was before it became dependent on hydrocodone.

These are some of the most common withdrawal symptoms:

  • Extreme irritability
  • Strong drug cravings
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomach
  • Headaches
  • Tremors
  • Chills
  • Sweats
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures.

Waismann Method detox quickly eliminates opiate dependence comfortably and privately. In addition, we treat patients who need a detox from replacement medications such as Suboxone or Methadone. During the rapid detox under anesthesia, the body’s receptors are cleansed of all opioids, while the patients comfortably rest in their private rooms. In essence, the goal is to rid the body of physical addiction in the most comfortable and efficient way possible by using advanced medical techniques. Rapid Detox also helps eliminates the cravings that often accompany traditional opiate detox treatments.


Hydrocodone Rapid Detox and Medical Assisted Detoxification

Thousands of people from around the globe have relied on Waismann Method medical detox and anesthesia assisted opiate detox for almost two decades. The anesthesia hydrocodone detox process uses medications that cleanse the opiates from patients’ receptors sites. This takes place in a hospital in less than two hours, and patients usually stay with us 7 to 10 days total. After discharge from the hospital, typically on the 3rd day, patients go to our Domus Retreat facility for care during the transitional phase.

Other options of detoxification without anesthesia are also available. Our medical detox is known not only for its safety and success rates but also for the compassionate and discreet approach we use. Hydrocodone addiction is a severe problem in the United States. In general, it tends to happen quickly to unsuspecting prescription recipients taking painkillers for legitimate pain reasons.


Medications Used for Hydrocodone Treatment

An opioid drug like hydrocodone should not be stopped without medical support.  Buprenorphine drugs like Subutex are being used more and more by drug treatment centers. These drugs works in the same manner as other opioids by filling the receptors, therefore preventing withdrawal symptoms. Although it is longer-acting opioid drug than hydrocodone,  it also has addictive properties, and the withdrawal might be even longer.

As a result, an inpatient medical detoxification is an optimal choice for helping to minimize hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms and ensure an individual’s success, safety, and comfort. In a hospital, doctors can monitor vital signs around the clock and use specific medications to keep patients comfortable and stable. There are several pharmaceutical options for detox, and the protocol should be tailored to each patient’s unique needs.


Hydrocodone Detox with the Waismann Method ®

In conclusion, Waismann Method has been the leading opioid treatment program in the US for nearly 20-years. It has a reputation for the most successful opioid detox center in the world. Our commitment to patients never fades, and we continually provide innovations in the treatment of opiate dependence disorder for others in the field to follow.

We provide:

  1. Two Decades of Experience in Opioid Detox
  2. Additional Options for Medical Opioid Detox without Anesthesia
  3. Quadruple Board Certified Medical Director
  4. Full-Service Accredited Hospital
  5. Private Rooms
  6. Tailored Detoxification
  7. Private Recovery Center
  8. Transportation
  9. Dietary Needs
  10. Recovery Services Included – Psychotherapy, Massage, Neurofeedback.


When choosing an accelerated hydrocodone detox program or a medical; hydrocodone detox, read more about safety, risks, and complications.

Hydrocodone Detox
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Hydrocodone Detox
Prescription medications containing Hydrocodone can be habit forming, leading to the need for Hydrocodone detox. Anesthesia hydrecodone rapid detox process uses medications that cleanse the opiates from patients' receptors sites.
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