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Darvon Treatment

Treatment for opiate addiction can include a number of therapies and services designed to address the physical and psychological aspects of dependency. Most of the patients in our Waismann Method program for detox didn’t set out to develop prescription painkiller addiction. Darvon is a narcotic medication used to manage mild to moderate pain. Addiction often develops when regular or prolonged use leads to a tolerance. Once the drug’s effects are diminished, people often escalate their use. Darvon treatments can include detox, Darvon rehab, faith-based therapies and programs based on the 12 Steps. Waismann Method’s Darvon treatment offers comprehensive detox, thorough medical testing, around-the-clock monitoring and the option for transitional care. The physical addiction is addressed by our detox and underlying psychological or emotional issues can be explored in our Domus Retreat aftercare facility. Our programs are known to be safe, effective, thorough and discreet, providing detox in a short amount of time.

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Patients in the Waismann Method’s Darvon Treatment Program Treated with Compassion

Each patient in our program is treated as an individual and no two cases of Darvon addiction are the same. We absolutely believe that in order for true recovery to be achieved, treatment must be humane and compassionate. We don’t waste time blaming or shaming our patients into recovery. We simply wish to treat the addiction quickly while building patients back up so they can successfully move on with their lives. Our staff is caring, supportive and knowledgeable about all aspects of addiction and detox. Opiate withdrawal can be very intense and the fear surrounding it keeps many from seeking opiate treatment. Waismann Method’s Darvon detox uses a procedure that medically minimizes withdrawal to provide the most comfortable recovery around.

Rapid Medical Detox for Darvon Addiction Puts Patients on the Road to Recovery

For more than a decade the Waismann Method has successfully treated opiate addiction with our safe and cutting-edge procedure. We begin with medical tests to rule out possible underlying issues. Our detox is then performed in less than two hours using intravenous medications to cleanse Darvon from patients’ opiate receptors. During this in-hospital procedure, patients are lightly sedated using general anesthesia. Once the procedure is complete, patients awaken free of Darvon addiction and ready to progress in their recovery. Our rapid detox accelerates the withdrawal symptoms which develop and pass while patients are sedated. This provides them the most comfortable detox, allowing them to essentially skip the difficult symptoms. Our doctors and anesthesiologists know that opiate replacement drugs such as methadone and Suboxone can also cause a dependency. That’s why we don’t use them in our program. After a total hospital stay of 2 to 4 days, patients can be discharged and on their way. Some decide they’d like to extend recovery and transition into our Domus Retreat aftercare facility where pampering treatments and services are offered.

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