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Darvon Addiction

A Darvon addiction does not have to be the end of the world. Help is available to reverse Darvon addiction safely and quickly. Darvon is a narcotic prescription medication used to treat mild to moderate pain. At prescribed levels, Darvon can be taken safely over a short-term period. Taking it for a long period of time or escalation of use in any way can lead to addiction. This is a serious problem that needs to be treated medically because it can destroy lives, careers, marriages and other relationships. Darvon addiction can develop through recreational use or other forms of abuse. For most patients, however, opiate addiction develops once the body becomes used to the medication over time. This is called tolerance and means the drug’s effects on the body become diminished. In an effort to chase pain relief, patients often escalate use once a tolerance develops. Once a physical addiction has established itself, withdrawal symptoms will set in once use is stopped. This can be very painful and difficult for patients, but the right Darvon rehab will offer detox and withdrawal management.

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How Darvon Addiction Develops and Possible Treatment Protocols

Most people aren’t to blame for developing a prescription painkiller addiction. The drugs’ very nature shows them to be addictive when misused or taken regularly for periods of time. For some people, physical and/or psychological dependence can develop if the medication is taken longer than a few weeks. Signs of addiction include strong drug cravings that don’t subside unless a patient takes the drug. These people may also be consumed with obtaining or consuming Darvon, possibly engaging in risky behaviors to accomplish this. Many prescription opiates should not be given to those patients who have suffered through prior addictions. They are more susceptible to developing an addiction to Darvon. Several treatments are available to treat Darvon addiction, including rehab, detox, faith-based programs and 12-step initiatives. The right Darvon treatment program should include medically-administered detox that is safe, humane and doesn’t require weeks-long or months-long stays in a facility.

Rapid Darvon Detox Can Get You Opiate Free in Less than Two Hours

Waismann Method based only in southern California, offers comprehensive medical detox for patients suffering from darvon addiction,  in the safety of an accredited hospital. Our rapid opiate detox can rid patients of their addiction quickly and safely, providing a lasting foundation for sustained recovery. We start with detox which entails the use of intravenous medications to cleanse the drug from patients’ systems. This takes less than two hours and patients sleep lightly under sedative medications during this time. They awaken without the awareness they experienced an accelerated withdrawal during the procedure. Not having to suffer through the pain and degradation of withdrawal gives patients the opportunity to focus on recovery and transitioning back to the life they’ve longed for. We don’t use opiate replacement drugs such as Suboxone or methadone to wean patients. We know this can cause the need for another detox. We also include a few days at our recovery center Domus Retreat for  patients to receive continuous care throughout their transitional period.

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