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What is Darvon

Darvon is a narcotic analgesic prescribed to treat mild to moderate pain relief. It is the brand name for Propoxyphene and is available in tablets and capsules. It works on receptors in the brain to decrease pain. It can be taken safely and successfully by patients but carries a risk of causing habitual behavior. Patients who become dependent upon their prescription medication are not to fault for this. So often, a legitimate prescription for pain relief becomes problematic when a tolerance develops. This can happen with regular use over a period of time and means the drug’s effects on the body become diminished. Instead of talking to a doctor about options and alternatives, many patients make the mistake of escalating use to achieve pain relief. There are strong warnings that accompany Darvon because of risks that include addiction, overdose and the possibility of developing a difficult withdrawal syndrome when use is stopped. As with all prescription medications, the use of Darvon can also cause a variety of side effects, allergic reaction and interactions with other substances.

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Responsible Use of Darvon Begins with Knowing Risks, Warnings and Precautions

Darvon should be taken exactly as prescribed. Taking it in higher doses or more often than recommended can lead to problematic use. People who are suicidal or have had issues with prior addictions should not be prescribed Darvon. It can cause dizziness and drowsiness so it’s important for patients to know how it affects them before driving or performing other potentially hazardous tasks. Taking Darvon with alcohol and some other substances and medications can cause side effects, some which can be fatal. Darvon should be used with extreme caution in children and with caution in the elderly, both which can be more sensitive to the effects. Patients should be familiar with all the warnings and precautions that accompany a prescription of Darvon. Being armed with this information can give patients a better chance at avoiding serious problems.

Waismann Method’s Rapid Darvon Detox is Safe, Humane and Discreet

Regular use of Darvon or other opiates can lead to physical and/or psychological dependence. The onset of opiate withdrawal symptoms indicates the presence of a physical addiction. This is treated easily, safely and humanely with the Waismann Method Medical Group detoxification techniques.  Patients are comfortably resting in their private rooms during our medical detox protocols. Our physicians use  intravenous medication and sedatives to assist patients overcome Darvon detoxification safely and comfortably.

Waismann treatment center is administer in a JCAHO Accredited Hospital in Orange County, CA. Hospitals that are JCAHO accredited are considered the gold standard in health care; these facilities are evaluated based upon extremely high criteria and accreditation is granted only when it is confirmed that such standards are being met.

The Waismann Treatment provides patients with 5 to 10 days around the clock inpatient care — in most cases patients spend 2 to 3 days in the hospital and the remainder at the our exclusive recovery center Domus Retreat. At Domus patients receive compassionate and supportive extended care along with access to therapeutic services such as  biofeedback, counseling, massage and relaxation.

We are very aware that choosing a darvon addiction treatment  program requires a personal and financial sacrifice. That is one of the reasons, we are so committed to provide our patients with superior medical care and ensure the highest possibility of treatment success. Our medical director is quadruple board certified and have over 17 years of success in treating opiate dependency. We pledge to provide the highest levels of care along with privacy, comfort and unparalleled safety throughout the detox process.

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