We extend our most profound gratitude to our patients for their inspirational letters of thanks. We want to share some of our favorite rapid detox testimonials and Waismann Method® reviews, from among the thousands we have received. Choose any link below to discover why our patients agree that Waismann Method® is the leading rapid detox treatment for opiate dependency and prescription narcotic addiction.


 The names in the reviews might have been altered to protect the identity of our patients.

Waismann Method Reviews

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Percocet Detox Patient 17

100 Percocet A Day Habit

Despite earlier attempts to detox off opiates, the experience at Waismann was the easiest, safest, healthiest way I could have gotten off my 100 Percocet a day habit. My stay at Domus was the perfect way to feel at ease and be taken care of until I could take care of myself. The staff and programs run are first rate and I feel fortunate to have been a part of it.

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Heroin Detox Patient

How do you feel about the Waismann Method, Domus Retreat and the choice you made?
It’s the Best Place to get clean and off of opiates. I still can’t believe I went from shooting Heroin every day to being clean and well within a week. Awesome!

How are you feeling today?
Good and ready to go home to the family.

Are you ready to go back home and start a new life?
Yes. Ready to stay clean and live a happy life, and sober life.

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Rapid Detox Patient 4

Domus is amazing.

The caregivers make the stay comfortable and make you feel that way and are always checking to make sure you’re okay.

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Rapid Detox Patient – A Place Unlike Any Other

A place unlike any other

Staff was so caring. Entire spiritual environment. A place unlike any other.

I was in a near fatal car accident and ended up dependent on opiates. Without success at other detox facilities I tried the Waismann Method as a leap of faith. It was the best choice I made because it completely changed me. They assisted my physical, spiritual, and emotional journey. I will never forget the people that have made this happen.

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Suboxone Detox Patient

A completely loving, caring, staff awaits.

People if you are in the gates of hell and want to come out. This is the only way to do it. A completely loving, caring, staff awaits. A completely safe way( and so much faster) to come back from the hell fire you in! This comes from someone who let himself relapse, but knew exactly where to go again to escape the fire. Please consider this and not some lame suboxone replacement treatment. You will not be back through the gates.

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Alprazolam Detox Patient

Alprazolam Testimonial February 2009

I would as a professional personally highly recommend this treatment. It saved my life and gave me back my self respect, self esteem and a reason to live. I will consider these people as friends for the rest of my life.

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