We extend our most profound gratitude to our patients for their inspirational letters of appreciation. We want to share some of our favorite rapid detox reviews and testimonials, as well as Waismann Method® reviews, from among thousands of successful patients. Explore them below to discover why our patients agree that Waismann Method® is the leading treatment for those struggling with opioid use disorder, alcohol, and prescription drug addiction.

 The names in the Waismann Method® and rapid detox reviews might have been altered to protect the identity of our patients.

Waismann Method Reviews

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Hydrocodone Detox Patient 12

Hydrocodone Testimonial January 2010 Texas

Rapid detox and Domus have given me a real chance to live opiate free. Exhaust(ed) all other resources for traditional treatment. So you will know – the money spent to free your brain of the poison – OPIATE – is for most the only way to make it. As close to a cure as currently possible. Rather you believe it or not. This is a God thing!

Thanks Father, I praise you.

– Texas Detox Patient, 2010

MS Contin Detox Patient

Ms Contin Testimonial

Detox and follow up at Domus exceeded my expectations.I literally do not think I could have done this without the excellent care and ongoing staff support.

– Hawaii Detox Patient, 2010

Tramadol Detox Patient 3

Tramadol Testimonial

After years of debating whether to spend the $(money) this was well worth it. Every step of the way there was someone to help and talk me through the process. Never was I made to feel guilty but only showed encouragement by all.

– Rhode Island Detox Patient, 2010

Methadone Detox Patient 11

Methadone Testimonial

The website is what brought me here. I never saw the TV commercial. If you ever need me for TV or feedback to come back and tell everyone IT IS POSSIBLE, I will.

– Indiana Detox Patient, 2010

Tramadol Detox Patient 2

Tramadol Testimonial

The environment at Domus completely exceeded my expectations.

– Washington Detox Patient, 2010

Oxycodone Detox Patient 5

I am a free man and I feel great

Claire -first, thank you for having this service even when some disagree. The Waismann Method is truly a miracle life-saving gift. It has been one week and I don’t have thoughts of “do I have my morphine”, or “I gotta make sure enough”. For the first time in 7 years, I am a free man and I feel great!!! If you ever need me for anything, I am willing to tell my story to help others. From media inquiries to hesitant patients, I’m available.

Next, your staff is superb!! April is the greatest. She cares, she listens, and she helps us patients through a short fragile period. Don’t ever let that lady go 🙂

The entire staff is outstanding, but I would like to recognize Jamon for just being kind-hearted, a great listener when needed, and he knows what to say when comfort is needed.

Simply put, Thank You!!!


– Oxycodone, MS-Contin, 2009

Norco Detox Patient 5

Norco Testimonial

Quick detox! Only way to do it right! get off now! And live opiate free!

– California Detox Patient, 2009

Hydrocodone Detox Patient 11

Hydrocodone Testimonial

Domus is Exactly what it advertises. They clean you out, care for you and give the tools to help you healthy – fast.

– Washington Detox Patient, 2009

Vicodin Detox Patient 9

Vicodin Testimonial

This is hands-down the best care available for opiate addiction. Two days after the operation I’m going home feeling wonderful. I had a seven-year Vicodin addiction. Now I am forever done!!!

– Washington Detox Patient, 2009

Percocet Detox Patient 9

Percocet Testimonial

The Waismann Treatment(Method) is a very pain-free stress-free way of going through detox. The procedure is taken very seriously by all caretakers involved from the doctor doing the procedure to the nurses attending your every turn. But, the best surprise is Domus. A magnificent warm retreat in the hills of California. Where the care is more than anyone can imagine. The staff are all so caring and you are pampered and cared for like a princess. You are able to heal in a womb-like environment with your every need and almost every desire accounted for.
Thank you for the experience.

– Florida Detox Patient, 2009

Suboxone Detox Patient 7

Suboxone testimonial

The Waismann Method Saved My Life and made realize there are different kinds of addiction and/or dependency.

– Texas Detox Patient, 2009

Heroin Detox Patient 9

Heroin Testimonial

My drug use was a secret for many years because I feared judgement and misunderstanding from those around me. The Waismann staff (Breanne and April) really made me feel accepted, understood and offered an option to overcome my addiction in an environment of happy, positive people, who did not carry judgement.

– Oregon Detox Patient, 2009

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