We extend our most profound gratitude to our patients for their inspirational letters of appreciation. We want to share some of our rapid detox reviews and testimonials, as well as Waismann Method® reviews, from among thousands of successful patients. Explore them below to discover why our patients agree that Waismann Method® is the leading treatment for those struggling with opioid use disorder, alcohol, and prescription drug addiction.

 The names in the Waismann Method® and rapid detox reviews might have been altered to protect our patients’ identities.

Waismann Method Reviews

Opioid Detox Patient

Today, I have been clean for 15 years and eight months…

I underwent the Waismann Method starting in 2004. I was ready to stop, and I was deathly afraid of going through the horror of opiate withdrawal. My use ramped up until the day I flew in from Kentucky and entered your Orange County Hospital program. Although the after-effects of having my receptor sites washed with Naltrexone were no picnic, it was clearly zero withdrawal. Gaining energy and clarity took some time, but I was able to resume work and pretty functional the following week. It just exhausted me. I immediately enrolled in an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and had access to a great, methodical, and kind therapist you provided as a part of your aftercare program.

I received a prescription for a few naltrexone and still have one in a matchbox and never used them. I am thrilled and at peace. My faltering business has grown to a level I never imagined. My relationship with my wife and son is excellent. I spend a significant amount of time volunteering in different areas of the recovery process. I am appointed to oversee long-term rehab facilities that are a significant step toward fighting the gigantic opiate/fentanyl epidemic. I can’t say that Waismann was the reason I was successful, but I will absolutely say that there is not a more humane method to detoxing than the Waismann method. I would recommend your method 100% to anyone that seriously wants to quit. Relapse doesn’t depend on the method of detox, but opiate withdrawal doesn’t have to be the most excruciating experience I can imagine. I’ve done it several times, and the fear of it kept me using for years. Feel free to utilize any part of this letter that you like. I will happily be a reference for anyone I can help with. I am loaded with appreciation. Today, I have been clean for 15 years and eight months. My guess is I’ll be clean all day again today.

— Opioid Detox Patient, 2004

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OxyContin Detox Patient 32

OxyContin Testimonial October 2010 Oklahoma

Domus is the safest and most reasonable way to detox.

– Oklahoma Detox Patient, 2010

OxyContin Detox Patient 31

OxyContin Testimonial

All the staff at the Waismann Method and Domus are amazing. The program works and by far better than any other program.

– South Carolina Detox Patient, 2010


Oxycodone Detox Patient 9

Oxycodone Testimonial

Domus helped me get my life back. It is the light at the end of the dark tunnel of addiction. Anyone seeking help from opiod dependence needs to highly consider coming here. The entire process gives you such a better, healthier outlook in life. The staff are some of the nicest most caring individuals you will ever meet. THANK YOU SO MUCH DOMUS!! I love everything you have done to help me.

– Pennsylvania Detox Patient, 2010



Methadone Detox Patient 12

Methadone Testimonial

This is not a cure all nor is it a walk in the park BUT IT IS THE easiest way to detox off opiates. I wouldn’t have done it any other way, It was the toughest 10 days of my life. Well Worth the path to freedom. Goddess Bless All Here You all are Rock Star!

– California Detox Patient, 2010



Heroin Detox Patient 12

Heroin Testimonial

My experience at Domus was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting get sober from any opiate addiction. It’s in my opinion the best way to do it.

– California Detox Patient, 2010



Hydrocodone Detox Patient 14

Hydrocodone Testimonial

Service is second to none. They make you comfortable the whole way through.

– Texas Detox Patient, 2010

Percocet Detox Patient 11

Percocet Testimonial

Saved my life.

– South Carolina Detox Patient, 2010

Oxycontin Detox Patient 30

OxyContin Testimonial

If you are serious about stopping the opiates. This is the only way and the best way. It’s well worth the money.

– California Detox Patient, 2010

Oxycontin Detox Patient 29

OxyContin Testimonial

I have never had a experience like this before so I’m not real knowledgeable but I have had the nicest people ever helping me every day for my needs, expectations, and care/ I would DEFINITELY recommend this as secure, private, atmosphere possible.

– Ohio Detox Patient, 2010



Oxycontin Detox Patient 28

OxyContin Testimonial

It would be tragic for anyone that needed your service, not to chose it. I am convinced that Domus continues to look for even more improvements.

– Florida Detox Patient, 2010





Oxycontin Detox Patient 27

OxyContin Testimonial

This was the absolute best I could have done for my life. Everyone is such a pleasure and makes you feel at home. I would recommend anyone who has the same issue to get this route in taking back your life!

– Arizona Detox Patient, 2010

Roxycodone Detox Patient

Roxycodone Testimonial

If it’s your decision, this is for you. You must want it and must be willing to try different pain techniques.

– California Detox Patient, 2010

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