Waismann Method Facilities - rapid detox treatment

Waismann Method of rapid detox treatment under deep sedation utilizes the most advanced medical techniques available for opiate dependency. We treat our patients with the highest level of professionalism, dignity, and respect. Safety should be your greatest concern when evaluating detoxification treatment. Staff observe patients from admission to discharge. All rapid detox procedures take place in an accredited hospital located in Southern California. In fact, we receive patients from all over the world weekly.

What Patients Can Usually Expect During and After the Detox Procedure:

All patients are different and all treatments are different.  We have a number of options based on each patient’s unique situation.  However, not all patients are candidates for rapid detox. Therefore, different methods of detoxification are available if that is the case.

Our doctors have successfully performed this treatment for more than 20 years. We receive patients from all over the world, at our facility in Southern California. This is our only location; we are NOT affiliated with any other doctors or hospitals anywhere else.

Exclusive Benefits with the Waismann Method of Rapid Detox Treatment

Pre-Treatment :

WAISMANN METHOD ® treatment begins in a full-service, fully-accredited hospital. We admit the patient to their private room and they undergo a comprehensive physical examination for at least a day prior to the rapid detox procedure. In general, pre-treatment includes a complete medical evaluation including medical history, physical exam, and blood work to evaluate kidney and liver function. Patients also have a chest X-ray and an electrocardiogram and may undergo an exercise stress test, if necessary. Then, the physician starts patients on their treatment pre-medication protocol. Thus, patients take medications to prevent or relieve the symptoms of withdrawal. The medical director may give additional medications to lower the acid content of the stomach and to curb the adrenalin response to withdrawal.

It is imperative for the safety of patients that they are admitted at least the day before the procedure so pre-medication can be properly administered to stabilize body functions, which help to achieve a smooth and safe detoxification procedure.

The pre-treatment duration and procedure is based on each individual patient’s medical and dependency history. The goal is to achieve the best results and safety as required by our extensive protocol. Specialized physicians in our hospital consult patients with certain pre-existing conditions to minimize risks and maximize positive results and comfort. Only through a true understanding of each patient’s medical and psycho-social situation, can the medical team ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

Rapid Detox Treatment:

Once pre-screening and pre-medication is completed, we transfer patients to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for comprehensive personalized monitoring. A board-certified anesthesiologist performs Waismann Method of rapid detoxification treatment, while the patient sleeps comfortably under a light sedation. We always treat patients individually in their private room (never side by side with others). This way all our focus and care will be provided to one person.

The medical team carefully and closely monitors patients during the entire procedure. The accelerated withdrawal occurs usually within 90 minutes, rather than days or weeks as with traditional methods.

The board-Certified anesthesiologist controls and closely monitors this medically-induced withdrawal. He has been nationally recognized for their expertise in the opiate identification field for almost 20 years.

Our medical director closely monitors patients at our hospital usually at least one extra day after the rapid detox treatment to ensure their physical stabilization and well-being.

We transfer all patients to our specialized recovery center (Domus Retreat) for a few days. Opiates cause several chemical imbalances in the body, which affect many different organs and their ability to function properly. In addition, opiates have a profound effect on patients emotionally. Therefore, tensure the safety and success of our detoxification process, patients receive attentive professional support for a few days after detoxification. Achieving stability is key to maintaining long-term sobriety, and providing appropriate after-care gives patients the opportunity to make the emotional and physical transition without unnecessary discomfort or complications.

Domus Retreat

Domus Retreat is a facility in the beautiful and exclusive hills of Orange County, CA. The word Domus means ‘home’ in Latin. Thus we offer recovering guests all the comforts of home with a specialized team of professionals. Guests staying at Domus can expect around-the-clock pampering and relaxation complete with individual massages, psychotherapy, acupuncture, biofeedback and much more.
The success and well being of our guests is the only way we can measure our own success. Treating each individual with their own history, needs, and goals is how we have maintain the unsurpassed outcomes with opiate-dependent guests.

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